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Saturday, May 17, 2014

40 Weeks 3 Days

What does it feel like being over 40 weeks pregnant for those of you lucky ones that hatch prior to 40 weeks? (ahem, Katie, Jen, and Lisa!) It kind of feels like being 37, 38, 39 weeks pregnant just more tired and a bigger belly. Here are some things I am learning about how tricky it can be.

~Everyday I wake up wondering if today is the day I will have the baby. It doesn't really feel different than previous weeks but just the anticipation of, WHEN, is what is killing me now!

~I keep opening the doors and hitting my belly in the process. OUCH!

~I forget that I can't really bend over without killing my back or over stretching my round ligaments in the front of my belly. So Mason or Matt are picking up the things on the floor for me most days.

~Oh, and I feel like I am starving all the time the sad thing is, I can't eat very much because the size of the uterus is cramping up the room of my stomach. So small meals for me or I feel like I am gonna puke!

~Getting up from a sitting or laying position is also pretty tricky now a days. It takes a lot of concentration and effort to get up.

~I hate stairs. Truly hate the stairs in my house.

~I feel like I am going to burst at any point. Doc said when my water breaks I will know for sure as there is space between the babies head and the cervix. Doc said I will have a huge gush and then the head will slip down and stop up the hole but it will be a big mess when it happens. Oh joy! Loading the car with trash bags and towels now, just in case.

I had my doc appointment this past Thursday and doc again was surprised by my progress in a week. We scheduled my induction date, just in case, for Friday the 23rd. (With the weekend and the holiday if we wait till after holiday I will be 42 weeks and my doc does not like letting women go to 42 weeks. He prefers 41.5 as the max before induction. We we will be just shy of 41.5 weeks.) But he thinks that I will "BLOW" before that point. I am guessing today or tomorrow.

I am super spoiled though. I had an AMAZING deep pressure massage on Thursday and I was in some much of a state of bliss that I called Matt for no reason while he was at work just to tell him that I was so Haaaaappppyy! I was majorly hopped up on endorphins from that massage! I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of this coming week incase I don't go. I am so spoiled, and thanks to my insurance I am so thankful for them covering the massages. One cool thing my massage therapist lets me listen to my HypnoBirthing CD during the massage and I get to practice and just utterly relax. It is AMAZING!

Well, lets see how much longer I take to have this baby. I am really praying and hoping that I go naturally before the induction!
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