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Monday, May 12, 2014

May Week 1 Workout Recap

Happy Mother's Day yesterday! First week of May is done and over with and I'm seriously just ticking down the time till this baby arrives. I guess I am ready and have been for a few days. I have finally decided that it's ok if I don't make all the food I was planning. Or if my house isn't perfect. I feel content with how things are and how they are going. And am getting excited for baby to join us!

GMA arrives on tomorrow evening. We are excited to see her. I have Molly maids coming to my house today to do the big deep clean before baby arrives. Thanks to my hubs for his amazing Mother's Day gift!

Pregnancy Changes:  I'm huge. I feel huge. I'm tired a lot, except for when I get a kick to get something done. Then I just magically have the energy to do what I want to accomplish. Then I'm tired again. I don't have heartburn anymore as the baby has dropped. Still getting kicked in the ribs but now I just have to pee all the time! I also often forget about the size of my belly and often open the door and I am not standing back far enough and end up hitting my belly with the door or whatever.

Baby is ready to come out. Well, at least we think he is. He can survive just fine now out in the world whenever he decides to come. Doc says that he is perfectly average and at my appointment last Thursday he said he is a healthy 7 lbs based on size and such. He also said that I am just a ticking time bomb and I can go at any time. I was 1 cm dilated (not very much but he said based on my last labor I dilate easily since I relax so well during labor.) I am also 70% effaced/thinned out. And baby is finally locked and loaded in my pelvis at a -2 station. The effacement and pelvis station all changed in the last week and he was surprised by how much I had changed in the last week with that. That is why he thinks I am just going to go at any time. I could very well have had baby by the time this posts. (I'm writing this a little early, one less thing to do next week)

Prepping for Baby:  I have made a ton of food. As you have seen from my previous posts and Facebook. This past weekend I made 2 batches of bread (that's 4 loaves) putting my total to 7 frozen loaves of bread now. I still have to make a spaghetti casserole (Matt's family recipe). And put together the chili. (I will just cook 4 lbs of ground beef together and take out a pound for the chili and then assemble it and put it in the freezer bags and then in the freezer. It's a crock pot meal.) And I think that will be it with the freezer prep for me. That will mean I made all but 3 meals. Not bad!

Matt and I had "the talk". No, not that talk, silly! The talk of what if I don't make it or there is an emergency. Or something happens. He needs to know what I want and all that. We were both crying talking about my final preparations. I know we had the talk just before Mason too. My friend thinks it is totally morbid to talk about it but childbirth is still a dangerous thing that we women go through. My friend's SIL had her new baby and a couple days later died due to a complication from labor. She died 2 days before Christmas. She was a very healthy woman and mother of 2. I just think it is important for Matt to know what I want in the end and all.

Bags are packed. List is made of final things to be grabbed in a hurry. Mason's bag is packed incase I go early and he has to have a sleep over at a friends house. And Archer's food is organized. We are baby ready!

Prepping Mason For Baby: We just keep taking about baby joining our family. About how fun it will be when he arrives. Mason has seen me hold another baby more than once this past week and he didn't freak out at all. He was very good. He sat next to me and cuddled up next to me. It was very cute, but this was a baby that could go home and wasn't stuck here for days and days. He is acting like a big brother to kids that are younger. Trying to guide them and correct them. But he also is still learning his strength and learning good and bad things to do as he pushed his friends off the coffee table.

Workout Recap:
Sunday: rest

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: cleaning house

Wednesday: rest (food prep and play date)

Thursday: 1 hour 15 min prenatal yoga. (last class)

Friday: 2 mile walk

Saturday: 1 mile walk

Total Mileage: 5 miles
39 weeks pregnant
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