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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where's The Fire?!?

In my throat! Holy Heart BURN! I had massive heartburn when I was pregnant with Mason but it didn't start until 36-37 weeks. This one, 33-34 weeks I have had massive amounts of heartburn and boy howdy it has not been fun. I am already up to a 4 pillow stack at night. And it only hits at night. After a few hours I can lower the stack of pillows to 2 but nothing lower than that.
~Mason at 2 days old for his baby blessing. Check out the full head of hair!~

Old Wive's Tale- Have heartburn? Baby will be born with lots of hair. In my case with Mason this statement was TRUE! Mason was born with a full head of hair including sideburns. And he was/still is a hairy little beast on his back. I love to tickle his fur on his back and it makes him giggle every time. So if this is true again, baby could be born with hair all the way down to his butt by the time he comes out! (j/k)

Also I seem to share my pregnancy symptoms with my best friend in AZ and am always apologizing to her for causing massive amounts of heartburn, she told me yesterday that she started taking a Rx to help her out. Wish I could.

Here are the helpful hints that people say help pregnancy heartburn but if all else fails just know that you are going to be a fire breathing dragon and it is ok because you could have a very hairy baby when they are born!

Eat small frequent meals, slowly- Hard to do when you are at the end of pregnancy where you are possibly getting sick again or you can't eat as much so when you can actually eat and feel ok with eating we tend to just woof everything down as quickly as we can. Don't do this apparently.

Take Small Sips of Liquids- I don't know about other moms, but often I feel like I am guzzling water all day long and either I have a huge desire for water or I know I have to drink water so that I don't start contractions (dehydration can cause early labor and contractions so drink up) So I try to make sure I drink the recommended amount of water everyday and often that means that I just take a few large gulps. No sips for me. I guess I should work on that.

Don't Eat Right Before Bed- I have been eating right before bed lately because if I don't I am starving at 2am and will go raiding the fridge for something, anything that might sound good to me. I am already up in the middle of the night to go pee I really don't want to make a trip downstairs for some food and then go back to bed so this one can not apply to me.

Keep Your Head Higher Than Your Chest- Already doing this. Even with 4 pillows I still have massive amounts of heartburn but if I don't have pillows I will actually throw up the stomach acid. Yeah, so much fun it is.

Try An Antacid- Did you know that Tums now makes a gummy chewy antacid so that we don't have to eat the chalk stuff anymore. With Mason I kept a very large bottle of Tums next to my bed and popped them like crazy but they didn't really help. And they tasted nasty. So I might just try doing the chewy ones to see if they are better, but like I said the Tums didn't help me with Mason.

So fire breathing dragon I was and am. And probably will be every time I get pregnant. Here's hoping to another furry baby! (now watch baby will be bald!)
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