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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coconut Oil For Moms and Babies

With this super long winter I have been having super dry skin. My friend recommended using coconut oil on my hands to help alleviate the dry patchy skin. It got me thinking about other uses that I have used coconut oil for. Make sure you get a good quality brand. I get Spectrum at Whole Foods or you can find it at Amazon.

Here is some info I found on Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a rare medium-chain fatty acid that is also present in breast milk. Lauric acid is ant viral, anti fungal, and antibacterial. Increasing your coconut oil consumption during pregnancy might help support both your and your developing baby's immune systems.

A lot of the sites I looked at suggested that you actually consume, like take a teaspoon and eat it straight up. I can't do that but there are plenty of other uses I found that it works for. (I will use it in cooking though in place of regular oils.)

Uses of Coconut Oil for Moms: 

During Pregnancy:

~While pregnant you can use coconut oil on your ever growing belly to help prevent itchiness. It can even help reduce the amount of stretch marks or reduce the stretch marks you already have with regular use. (it's cause of that fatty acid chain)

~Use it to help with dryness, if you have any, you know, down there or to help aid in perineal massage when approaching your due date.

~If your face is super dry you can use it as a moisturizer at night. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now. I tend to break out while pregnant and I have noticed that all my zits are gone.

Post-Partum for Moms:

~I use coconut oil as a nipple cream. It is safe for babies to consume, and doesn't taste too badly but because of the anti-viral, anti-viral, and antibacterial properties it will help to safely keep your nipples happy and healthy. Cracked nipples, it will help them heal faster and stay healed. And it is not sticky like lanolin. In January a friend of mine just had her new baby and within 2 days had sore cracked nipples. She started using coconut oil and within a few days they were healing and by a week they were complely healed. Apply a small amount with breast milk all over nipples  after every feeding and allow to soak in through "air drying".

~Again use it on your now shrinking belly to help reduce itching.

Uses of Coconut Oil For Babies: 

~Does your baby have cradle cap? It is one of the most common things that babies develop. It looks like a yellowish dandruff. And it is ok. Coconut oil is great to treat this, instead of buying the expensive cradle cap ointment at the store which can be full of things we really don't want to put on the baby. Coconut oil might be in a solid form when you buy it but it melts very quickly from our body heat. Easy to apply to a sensitive newborns head that has already been traumatized from birth. Rub some coconut oil on the babies head and allow to soak for 20 minutes. Gently rinse the oil out and using a soft brush, brush the flakes off. It can take a few treatments for all the flakes to go away but you will notice a difference.

~Diaper cream is expensive. If you already have a good quality coconut oil on hand you can use it on your babies sensitive bum. If you apply a small amount just after birth it can help reduce the stickiness of the meconium (the tar like poop on the diapers for the first few days of birth) on the babies behind. Making changes faster and a little easier.

~Also it can help reduce and heal diaper rash as it is a lubricant and helps heal owies.

~Last thing for babies, great as a lotion and as a massage oil for your baby. Babies love being touched and it help to grow your bond with each other. It will soak into their sensitive skin easily and keep it moisturized just like it does for you!
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