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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Being from AZ this is a yummy day for us. Every year Matt and I go to our fav Mexican Restaurant and enjoy our (I mean Matt's) family traditions. Matt's mom grew up in Mexico and Matt spent many summers in Mexico. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Cinco De Mayo today.

Also, thought I might have a Cinco De Mayo baby last night but nope it is just the fun times of having early labor during the night every night! Plus my doc is out of town until late tonight, so no baby today. 5/5/14 has a nice ring to it though!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Week 5 Workout Recap

Only a few more of these left where I am actually working out, at least until July-ish. This past week I had my first "flocking" for the Women's 4 Miler Training Program as a pink lady. I am so excited to work with and meet all the other Pinks this summer! Hoping that there are enough mommas with strollers that I can lead a group this year. However, I won't be doing hard walking until July, to give my body the 6 weeks it needs to really heal. But still I am so excited to help in any way I can.

Time is getting short as a mommy of only one son. I am really enjoying my cuddle time with Mason this week and over the next week or however long it takes baby to join our family. It is still a guessing game at this point.

Pregnancy Changes- Had my checkup on Thursday with my OB and he told me I am not to have this baby this weekend because he is running the Tacoma Washington marathon on Sunday. He really wants to deliver my baby because he knows I will go all natural (no pain meds) and we talked about me doing Hypnobirthing and he is super stoked about that. Baby is still super high up but I am dilated. He just didn't determine how much because he didn't want to aggravate my cervix and make it start opening more. My guess is either a 1-2 at most 3 cm. (I was at 3cm with Mason at 37 until the induction at 39.1 weeks).

Not as much heartburn this week. (Thank goodness) Baby has dropped a tiny amount. But he is engaged in my right hip bone. (wrong place baby to be engaged) But I know he will move to the right place when he is ready to. still says baby is as big as a watermelon. My weight gain is up to 14lbs. My doc is super excited with how well I have done this pregnancy. He says that my belly is measuring right at 38 weeks and that I have a very average sized baby in there. (roughly about 6.5 lbs right now)

Prepping For Baby- Bags are all packed. Had the itch all week. I am keeping all my black and pj bottoms near the bag for easy packing when we have to leave. Plus I am living out of my medicine bag in the bathroom for easy pack when we need to.

Archer's food is all separated out. Mason's stuff isn't really put together though so he isn't ready. Also I still have to clean all the clothing off the floor of the nursery and get that put away. But I am feeling relatively ready for baby.

Prepping Mason For Baby- Mason and I have been talking a lot about him becoming a big brother. His responsibilities, and how he is going to have a new best friend. He has been kissing my belly more and saying hi to baby more. He has been such a great friend this week in helping his younger friends stay safe, (a 1 year old was here and when he left the area his momma and I were sitting Mason would go grab him and steer him back into the room saying, "No no, go Mama.") (Another friend who is 2, Mason would encourage him to stay sitting at the dinner table when they were eating together. And was taking turns and sharing.) He has also been escorting me to my car door and helping me in the car and shutting the door for me. (Matt has been there to put him in his car seat and strap him in.) It is super cute. He likes to walk me to the bathroom and close the door for me when I say I have to go. (So efficient) It is kind of sad with how much he is growing up so soon.

He is also talking a ton more. Everyday he has new words he is saying, surprising me and Matt. And he is starting to put words in sentences or copy how we say phrases. This will make it so much easier for when Baby arrives. I will know what Mace wants and be able to help him as best as I can.

Workout Recap:

Sunday: rest (had my concert)

Monday: 2 mile walk (with 1/2 mile slow jog) 18 min/mile. 30 min stationary bike

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: last day at gym. 2 mile walk. Super slow just having fun

Thursday: gardening day

Friday: 2 mile walk outside in the beautiful weather we are having!

Saturday: 2 mile family walk (studio spring piano recital and last day of teaching before extended summer break!)

Total Mileage: 8 miles
38 weeks pregnant

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Woman's 4 Miler Training Program

Registration is up and running for the Charlottesville Women's 4 miler training program. Click here to go to the website and click on ONLINE REGISTRATION!

Fee is $20 which includes the summer of AWESOMENESS! The Workout Booklet and Other fun prizes. (There are raffle prizes every single week)

*The W4MTP fee is not the race fee itself. That is separate.*

1st day of training begins on June 14th at 7:00am! Yes, it is early, yes, you want it to be early. It can get very hot very fast and we want to be out running before it gets too bad.

Questions about the program?:
I'm not a runner I can't do a 4 mile run. 
You do not have to be a runner. Anyone is welcome. A non walker, a strutter, a new mommy, a walker, a wogger, jogger, a slow runner, and a sprinter. IF you fit any of these  categories please come out to join us. This program is for EVERYONE! We want to help you get new friends, an outlet for exercise and just to have fun. And you will have fun every week! I still talk to my friends from last summer by the way! Hey VAL!

I can't go every week.
That's ok! Come as often as you can. I can't go ever week either. My hubs has military weekend one weekend a month so I won't be there the first weekend of July or August for sure. It's ok. Come as often as you can.

I don't have the time for the mid week training. 
We encourage you to exercise as much as possible. The training program recommends 2 "running" days a week. (I do Tuesday and Thursday) Get outside and walk. Take a friend with you. Or your dog. Your dog will thank you. Just be safe in the heat of the summer that you go out early and drink plenty of water.

I promise you that you will love this program. It seriously changed my life and the way I look at running and at myself. Last year I went through my miscarriage. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and being "fat". I signed up for my first 5k. That 5k I met a pink lady, Janet, from the training program and we walked together the whole time. She kept telling me about the training program and that I should totally do it. By the end of the 5k she convinced me to "look into it." That next day, I contacted her on FB and told her I signed up. Every week I said hi to her and she was so interest in my progress and super happy I was there. I was in the second running group and made many friends. We all encouraged each other and pushed each other. And accomplish so many great goals last summer. I couldn't wait for the next summer because I loved it so much! Because of the W4MTP I am a runner.

Please if you are in the area think about this program and the race itself. It is for a great cause, the charity is the UVA Breast Cancer Care Program. Last year over $370,000 was raised for this charity. Click Here for the website for the race itself and more info on the charity work. It is a limited number of participants and registration will open and close in just a few short hours on sign up day, June 21! Hope to see you this summer!

Did you sign up! Let me know so I can look for you at the track on June 14!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Baby

I have had ideas of grandeur for the things I am longing for when I am no longer pregnant. There are really some things you can't do, or do very well while pregnant and these things are what I am really missing or looking forward to.

1. Sleeping on my belly. I miss it so much. I HATE sleeping on my side because it kills my hips and I have to flip from one side to the other. I can't really sleep on my back either because the weight of the baby is so heavy it actually hurts a little and I have to sleep like that propped up so much that it just isn't comfy. I often find myself woken up by Baby because I have rolled too much onto my belly from the side. He kicks the crap out of me till I wake up and move. Needless to say, I am very excited for the day when I can sleep with one pillow on my belly.

2. Running. I really am missing running. My legs ache for it most days which is surprising to me. Who would have thought, I would miss running. If you had told me that a year ago I would have laughed at you and said, "yeah right!" But I really do. So much so that I actually ran 1/2 a mile the other day during my walk. It felt really great. My legs got that nice warm burn in them and I just felt great. It was only a 1/2 mile though and I have a long way to go to build my endurance back up but I know I can and I will.

3. Kicking These Crazy Cravings! I have had cravings galore this pregnancy. I have been able to not indulge too much up until recently. My sweet tooth has gone nuts! I am trying to hard not to eat junk food that is around the house, but I have been, however, I AM NOT EATING THE WHOLE BAG in one sitting. I know that sounds weird and gross, but when you are a hormonal pregnant lady and you want some leftover Easter candy and there is a bag in the freezer, a bag can disappear very quickly. (think about thin mint cookies and how quickly they disappear when eating them).  I have been holding back though with is a miracle for me.

4. Getting my energy back. I have been so exhausted most of this pregnancy. A lot of that was self induced exhaustion. I am making a baby and on top of that I trained for a 1/2 marathon. Plus had to take care of my 2 year old and the hubs, and keep the house clean and take care of the dog. I had a lot going on. Now I have the end of the pregnancy exhaustion. It just knocks me down. But I also have the drive to nest. So last night super exhausted. Had Matt and Mace clean the basement, and I vacuumed the whole thing. Then proceeded to clean my bedroom, after already cleaning and organizing the closet, oh then picked up in the bathroom. I have the drive that I have to do every job all the way and not just a little bit. Hence why I am hiring Molly Maids to come clean my house before baby because I don't have the energy to be neurotic about cleaning.

5. Getting back to my pre-pre pregnancy weight. Yes pre-pre pregnancy weight. The weight I was before Mason. I might have only gained 14 lbs this pregnancy so far, but I started 30 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Mason. It has bothered me. It has driven me to eat smarter this pregnancy because I refused to end this pregnancy 30 lbs higher that what I had Mason at which would have made me cry if I did. So I am glad that I have only gained 14 lbs so far, and will likely end this pregnancy just under or at what I had Mason but I still want to get to back to what I was with Mason, then work on getting under that weight at that point. I have a long way to go, but I know that I can. It will make running so much easier on my body and the running will help me get back to the body I want. At least I have the tools in my pocket now on how to do that which I am so thankful for!

There you have it. 5 things I am excited for post baby! Have you ever made a list like this at the end of your pregnancy? What is on your list?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tra La! It's May!

Name the musical in the comments, if you can, for the name of this post!!!

13 days left until my due date as of today! Still have no idea if baby will be slightly early, on time or super late. It is really a guessing game at this point. Matt and I have come up with a possible scenario of the deliver date and the dates for when he will have time off following said delivery day. But I am having a natural birth and don't have the option to say, "baby will arrive by X date." Actually that is not true. Baby will be here by the 28th of May because I know my doc will NOT let me go beyond 42 weeks pregnant. But who wants to be that pregnant anyways??? But one can hope, and wish for the exact date you want, right?!?
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