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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exercise During 3rd Trimester

I know I am doing a lot of pregnancy posts. And haven't done too many exercise posts as of late but that is because I am very pregnant and haven't been exercising as much as I did a few months ago, but I am still doing my walking as much as I can and I know that after I am cleared to run again that I will, and I plan on adding in more strength training, yoga and I would love to try that Barre class that everyone has been talking about.

For today I was going to write a 3rd trimester exercise post but found this super cute website with a great post on 3rd trimester exercise. Check it out here! Knocked Up Fitness

Mommas! Go out in the beautiful weather and take a walk! Walking is the best thing for us, and we might as well get used to it now because it is a great way to induce labor too!  And you know when you hit 40 weeks you will be taking all the walks you can, not to mention how much walking you might be doing at the hospital to get that baby out!

If you can find a prenatal yoga class, it is never too late to join. It will feel awkward but it is a slower style than normal yoga meant to work with your ever-growing belly. 

If all else fails, find some stairs and go up and down a few times in a row. Go slow and remember that this can bring on more contractions so if you are in the 39-41 week range and you want the baby out, try this out!

Mom's with older siblings, chase your kid around the park as much as you can. Great bonding with your children and good exercise for you!

QOTD: How many miles are you walking/planning on walking at a time from here on out? I have found my body is done at about 3 miles. 3.5 is really pushing it, unless there is a really great episode on Food Network at the gym I generally only do 3 miles at a time now! Every body is different. 

***DISCLAIMER***Be sure to consult your doc before you do this to make sure it is ok, as I am in no way a medical professional. I am just me giving helpful advice! 

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