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Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer Activities For Mom's and Babies

We are so lucky, momma's! Because we are having our babies at the beginning of the summer, meaning we aren't pregnant during the hottest part of the year. Be thankful. Been there done that. Sucks! We aren't having our babies in winter either which means we aren't stuck in the house for months at a time. We have the beautiful heat of the summer to enjoy. So here are a couple of ideas to help us get out of the house with baby
and have fun.

~Early morning walks. Before the heat of the day picks up, and you will probably be up anyways, go take you new little one for a little walk in the stroller. It is good for you, helps with weightless. Good for baby because it gets them some Vitamin D, (don't forget sunblock and a hat for baby) And it gets you out of the house! It doesn't have to be a 5 mile stretch. But a 30 minute walk will do you and baby some good. Also you burn extra calories when you are pushing the stroller. Don't forget to take you 4 legged buddy with you as they probably need the fresh air too. (Make sure that your pet is properly trained and never, ever attach the leash to the stroller for safety reason!)

~Go to the park. You have a 6 week old and you are at the park sitting on the bench? Huh? Yes it is ok to go to the park and just sit there. Again, fresh air for you and baby, and out of the house. It gets you used to how to leave the house too without taking everything in the house with you. But it is a great place to meet other mother's. And who knows there might be another new mom with a little one there too.

Also if you have other kids, they need to get out. Trust me. They don't like being cooped up as much as you don't. So let them run wild at the park. Take a carrier or sling for new baby and go have some fun.

~Find a pool or splash park. Again sun is good, sunblock and hat for baby! But get your baby used to water. Check the pools rules on age of child and check with your baby's doc to see if it is ok or not. But if you have an older child they will love the pool and splash park. I plan on visiting the splash park a ton with Mason and sitting on the side with new baby.

~Reading classes at the library. Babies can read? Get an early start on loving to read. Your local public library more than likely has child reading classes, that are free! It teaches your baby how to act when someone else is taking. It engages them in reading, and gets them used other children around them.

~Play dates. With all the new mom's you are meeting what a great chance to start setting up play dates. Where the kids will play or be held by you and you and the other moms can swap stories of birth, and crazy nights you have had, share advice and just be someone who you can talk to and have listen to you. You need to get out of the house, you need adult contact, you need friends and we are all learning together how to be moms.
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