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Saturday, April 19, 2014

At THAT Point...

~Here is why it is so hard to do things, THE BABY IS HUGE!~

I'm at the point in pregnancy where things are getting difficult. So here are the things that are really hard to do when you have less than a month left before baby comes. This is a vent post of things I have a hard time doing. Might as well get this out there. All you FTM this is what you have to look forward to. Don't worry we all go through it and we all survive, but I'm keeping it real!

~Walking- Hubs makes fun of me when we go on our nightly walks now because 10 ft out the door I am already huffing and puffing. We do have a huge steep hill right out our door that we have to climb up. But yeah, walking is wearing me out. I did run a little the other day chasing Mason on our walk, my hips were killing me. But I could run. That I am proud of.

~Stairs- Stairs oh stairs, how I loathe thee. And we have a 3 story house. I try not to go down to the basement all that often anymore because then I will have to go to the top floor and doing all 3 just, ugh! Sadly most of Mason's toys are down there, but he has learned to bring some up to the main level to play. Now just getting the toys back down to the basement when he is done is another story.

~Bending Over- My belly is big. It is only going to be getting bigger, but bending over to pick things up is getting challenging. Not to mention that I feel like passing out when I stand back up if I stand up too quickly. This includes picking up Mason's toys, loading the dishwasher. Cleaning up the laundry on the floor. Asking for help from Matt on these things now.

~Carrying things- Can't carry my own son for longer than 2 minutes before my back hurts. Carrying laundry to the wash is also a thing of the past. Since I have to bend over to pick it up (see above) but then squatting to load the stuff in the drum, yeah. I totally know that squatting will not be one of my laboring positions!

~Sleeping- I think my body thinks that sleeping is overrated. I am up for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. On top of the 2-3 times I have to get up to pee. Then in the middle of the day, I pass out for no reason. I know my body is prepping me for when the baby comes, but why can't the body try to store up the much needed sleep instead?

I think that is about it. My goal now, is to keep the house as clean as possible so that Matt doesn't have to do too much cleaning up after everyone. He has asked for a list of chores to help out with, which is really nice. And will hopefully save my back and my sanity. (I dislike having a dirty house)
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