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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Pool

Two bloggers I follow, CONGRATS to Jen on her baby girl arriving this week, and Katie who had her baby boy in Dec, both had their babies in the 39th week of their pregnancies. These ladies ran during pregnancy. Both ending running at different times but they both ran. Many people have been telling me that I am going "pop" any day now! (thanks a lot lady who told me that I am basically HUGE) And because I ran it means I will have an early baby. (There was a lady in my prenatal yoga who ran until her 39th week, yes 39th week!, and was still pregnant at 41 weeks)

So should we start casting our votes now as to when I will hatch this baby??? I have said in the beginning that I think it will be the week of the 18th of May, generally around the 21st. I am currently 36 weeks.

Fun facts:

My due date is May 14th.

Had a doc apt yesterday and the Doc said that baby is super high and that there is no dilation at this point. With Mason I was 3 cm at 37 weeks. ( I am telling my body though that I can not have this baby until after May 4 because of the concerts I have to play and the studio recital. Plus mom isn't coming in to town until the 13th.)

Baby still likes to go transverse (sideways) during the night.

Mason was induced at 39 weeks due to Matt being deployed with the Army 3 days after Mace was born, so no idea if Mace was going to be on time or late. I was induced with cydotec and my induction was considered a failed induction because I only went from 3cm to 4 and did not enter active labor at all. Then we broke my water and 3.5 hours later, kid was out and screaming up a storm.

I think he was sucking his thumb last night. It was a different feeling than hiccups but the same rhythmic pattern. ( I was a big time thumb sucker)

I have no idea if I was early, late or on time. (I'm adopted). And Matt was slightly overdue at, oh, 2 weeks late!

Soooo... let the voting begin. Maybe a prize will be in the cards if someone is right!

WHEN AM I HAVING MY BABY? (to view pix of my ever expanding belly check out my weekly recap posts using the LABELS button on the left.)
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