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Monday, April 21, 2014

April Week 3 Workout Recap

I'm in the home stretch. As of today I have 3 weeks left until the week 40! CRAZY HUH! This week is super busy and next week not so much except for the studio recital at the end of the week but then after that only 10 days left. That is what blows my mind.

This past week though has been BEAUTIFUL outside! The weather has been amazing and we have been enjoying walks outside more than ever. Yes I look like I am trying to walk my baby out but seriously how can you pass up not going outside when the weather is gorgeous like this?!?

Pregnancy Changes: Still getting bigger, and bigger. Feel like I can't grow anymore, where is this baby going, but I still get bigger and bigger. Also some of my stretch marks are stretching more upwards now. I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday and got my adjustment and a wonderful prenatal massage (HEAVEN) and then a doc appointment on Tuesday. Doc said that I will have no problem making it to my due date because the baby was no where near engaged in head down position and I am not dilated at all, not one bit. I told him that was fine because I was telling myself not tom because I have things I still have to do. He just shrugged and said, "okay." Mind over matter people! May 4th I will allow my body to start making the changes needed but not till then.

Having massive pregnancy insomnia every night. 2 hours a night, can't sleep. But I require at least a 2 hour nap to function during the day. Kind of ridiculous. Getting the nesting feeling that my house has to be clean, but I don't want to clean it. OH MATT!  But other than that baby kicks a ton and he seems to be happy in there.

Prepping For Baby:  Just more sorting of his clothes for when he is a little older. Feel like I should have the bags packed. They are partially packed now, but just getting that feeling of, do it now! Ordered Mason's big brother shirt which he picked out. Excited for that to come in. Also ordered baby's sheepskin blanket, and waiting for that.

Prepping Mason for Baby:  Just same thing. Talk about babies to him. Point out babies. Have him point out babies to us. Say hi to babies. All that. It is kind of hard to prep him for something he really doesn't quite understand. Just enjoying my snuggle time with my little champ right now and soaking it in that these are the last few weeks before I will have 2 boys!


Sunday: rest day

Monday: Gardening day

. (Matt dug the hole for the tree and I helped hold it in place as he put the dirt back on the tree.) I did help put mulch out in the front yard. Matt did all the heavy lifting and I did the spreading of mulch and stuff.

Tuesday: Short walk with the family around the neighborhood.

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: rest day. Mason got an owie yesterday from falling on his walk with Dad and the dog. He wouldn't keep the bandaid on and I had to monitor his finger to make sure it wasn't sprained or broken.

Friday: Longer walk with the family around the neighborhood. Mason walked most of it instead of being pushed in his stroller. I did run just a little bit to chase after Mason so I ran, yea me, but my hips were killing me the whole time.

Saturday: rest day.

Total Mileage: Not sure. Didn't track it at all. Just enjoyed family time and walking outside in the beautiful weather. I did get my waddle on.
36 weeks pregnant.

~Great angle hubs! I don't look that pregnant!~
 ~My little man for Easter~
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