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Monday, April 14, 2014

April Week 2 Workout Recap

Sorry I'm a day late. It has been a little hectic for me around here. Hubs is working a different schedule so my weekends with him are a little off. It is what it is, but I will sure be glad when/if his schedule goes back to the norm.

GUESS WHAT!?! My due date is exactly 1 month from today! YEA! I have been told by some women that I am ready to pop now, and others think I still have a long way to go. My belly is getting bigger every single day. I wake up every morning with 50 First Dates syndrome going on, I think, WOW! I have a HUGE belly! How do I get out of this bed? 

Pregnancy Changes: I am getting HUGE! I am bigger now than I was with Mason. But per the hubs I am not as swollen in the face and look better. I am way past the days where I could see my feet. Bending over to clean up toys feels like an impossible feat for me and I often ask Mason to pick things up for me to help me. (he does most times now by the way) Also I just can't do everything around the house. Laundry and dishes, Matt is picking up the slack for me thankfully. Came home from church yesterday and Matt got off early from work and sorted and put away all the laundry, which had been sitting for the better part of a week. THANK YOU HUBS!

Also the baby is more "down" over the past few days as I have had to pee a ton more. But he still has plenty of room to move around because he likes to go transverse (sideways) when I am sleeping. I often wake up to feeling the hiccups in my side than super low like normal. And as you read the other day, I am still a fire breathing dragon at night! Oh so fun!

Prepping For Baby: I have pulled out all of Mason's old clothing and started sorting for baby. All the NB 0-3 stuff is organized and in the closet. The 3-6 and 6-9 are still lining the floor waiting to be sorted. I also hung up the curtains in the guest room to my mom when she gets here to add a little more darkness in the room.

Prepping Mason For Baby: It's more of how do I prep myself to help prep Mason for baby to arrive. I asked a mom yesterday who just had her new baby how her other son handled the tradition to being the baby to big brother. We talked for awhile and she shared her advice. I am very scared about Mason not letting me hold the baby or hitting the baby because the baby is touching me. He does this with Matt. He doesn't like it when Matt gives me a hug, he gets jealous. But I now feel a little better that maybe, just maybe Mace will do ok. But only time will tell.

Workout Recap: 

Sunday: rest day

Monday: Gardening

Tuesday: rest day (Had final meet with the Doula before baby, Matt learned how to deliver a baby if it happens super fast at home!)

Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk on treadmill

Thursday: 1 mile walk; 1 hour 15 min Prenatal yoga (class is getting harder. Belly is so big that getting in some positions or staying in some is getting really challenging)

Friday: Walk outside. about 45 minutes. Too beautiful of a day to stay inside.

Saturday: rest day (church easter egg hunt. Got to trek up a small hill to help find easter eggs. Wore me out!)

Total Mileage: 3.5 known for sure. not sure how much we did on our walk
35 weeks pregnant
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