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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One More Step!

~I will be adding this to my running wardrobe soon! For Two fitness~

I'm getting stronger everyday that I run or even walk, walk quickly that is! Exercise while pregnant is hard business! It takes extra dedication to go to the gym and get your butt moving. Well that is how I feel because my butt doesn't want to get moving most days. It would be so much easier to just stay at home and rest, and let my body make a baby and just not push it to work any harder. But you know what the amazing thing about our bodies are. THEY CAN DO IT! Women used to work out in the fields up until they had the baby, and would be out working again in a few days. That happens still now! Women work up until they have the baby and are back at work in a week because they need to support their family. Those women are strong, and powerful and amazing! I couldn't do it. HONESTLY! Well, I guess if I had to I would do it but I sure wouldn't want to. I am so thankful to my husband in supporting me in our decision to be a stay at home mom, with an at home teaching part time job. I'm am doing the 2 things I love!

The cool thing I keep thinking about though when I am exercising now is, how much more easy this will be when I am not pregnant. How much more I will be able to push myself and yes, I might be able to run without stopping. This is a for seeable goal of mine now because I am pushing myself during the hardest time in my life and it will just be easier after this! (at least that is what I am thinking.)

So here is to one more step and getting stronger. Feeling empowered! And making great choices for me and my family in choosing to exercise!

QOTD: What did you do today to be one step stronger?
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