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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Can't Do Them All

Today I couldn't run with my training program. I actually had rehearsal for a gig at a church with a performance tomorrow! So how did I get my long run in this week??? Yesterday! I did my 4 miles yesterday. I have my 8k next week with the hubs and know that I can do 5 miles. And next week would have been 5 miles anyhow so I am feeling great for the race. I did do more walking than running yesterday as I realized how much I love to run outside. I find it easier to run outside. Our bodies were meant to be outside. We love the fresh air, we need the vitamin D. Also, I guess focusing on getting to the top of the hill then when at the top I get to just go and let the hill take me down seems to make it more fun and interesting.

Running the treadmill, or the hamster track at the gym can get boring. Even if I am watching the food channel salivating over all the yummy looking foods, especially all the Thanksgiving specials they have on there right now. So how can we make treadmill work more fun? Make it a game!

1. Intervals of running and running faster. Push yourself. If you are comfortable running at a 5.0 on the treadmill for 1-2 minutes try running at a 5.3 or 5.5. Then go back to the 5.0. I have been doing this, for me though I jog at a 4. When running faster speeds I go up to a 4.5. I have noticed that my new comfortable speed outside is now 13:30ish which is about 4.5 on the treadmill. Pretty neat.

2. Add hills. Add the incline on the treadmill. Be careful though that you don't add too much so you don't injure your self. Make them short splits too. Just do a few to work your quads a bit. That's all you really need.

3. Good music, or a movie if you have an iPad in front of you. If you have a movie or show to watch you are more than likely not watching the time on the treadmill. You loose track of time and realize that your interval run of 2 minutes was over with 2 minutes ago and you are still going strong! (That has happened to me a few times, pretty neat.) We become dependent on the clock and distance. Try covering it up or put on a good show.

4. Always do try to fit in an outside run at least 1 time a week. Outside running is different than treadmill running. Treadmill, you are being pushed by the treads. Outside you have to do the pushing. A few years ago I was purely a treadmill runner. Could not run outside for the life of me. I just did treadmill and was ok with that. Now I am the other way around. I love running outside!

Just have fun is really what it is all about. Running in a gym is convenient because, it is climate controlled. No bad weather. Great for super hot or super cold times of the year. No dogs. No ice. No bugs in the teeth. But make it fun. Enjoy it and do what you have to to stay in shape!

QOTD: What do you do to pass the time on the treadmill?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer. The opinions listed here are of my own through my own personal training exercises. Find what works for you. If you have any questions on exact training or running programs consult a personal trainer at your local gym or a running trainer through a local track club. 
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