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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dinner vs Cookie?!?

Oh what a dilemma we have in our house tonight! I made 14.5 dozen cookies today for a church activity tomorrow. 14.5 COOKIES! That is a ton. Needless to say we are on a bit of a cookie high right now!

Mason now knows how to move a chair to an area to climb up onto it and grab the something he wants. (Smart little cookie). Well, tonight was no different. He wanted a cookie. He only had 2 earlier today. (They are small cookies, and he doesn't eat a lot of sweets because I don't want him to be addicted to sweets like I am.) Anyhew. Dad ate a cookie while I was heating up left overs and Mason wanted one too. So I gave one to him, but I said he had to eat dinner. When dinner was ready to eat we took away said cookie, tears did ensue, and I told Mason, you may have your cookie back after dinner but you need to eat at least 5 bites. After oh, about 10 minutes of fighting, tears, and crying we walked away. While I started to write this he went back to the table all on his own and took his first bite. Then another, and another. He ended up eating 6 bites. Then he was done. I gave him his cookie and I asked, "What do you say?" He grabbed my head and gave me a long smooch right on the mouth! I would say that that was a thank you if I ever did get one!

So Mommy won the war tonight. Dad was super impressed. We worked on what is important, that dinner comes first over cookies, and worked on our counting! (I even did silly little songs to show what number we were at. He loved it, and it worked)

QOTD: How do you enforce healthy eating habits for your kids when there are little temptations in the house?
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