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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How Wonderful Life Is

So in November the popular thing on Facebook to do is post everyday what you are thankful for. As I think this is a great idea, I just don't keep up with it in the month. So here are a couple of things in which I am thankful for today! I will do some more next week. How about that just a couple every week! That works for me!
1. My hubby. I love my husband so much! He is an amazing man. He goes to work super early in the morning just so he can be back earlier in the day to spend more time with Mason and me. He has been deployed 4 times overseas and has sacrificed a lot of time with me and Mason to help take care of us, and to serve our Country with honor! He treats me like a princess when half the time I don't deserve it. I am so glad that we had the 9 years together to have fun and play and now we have started our "next phase of marriage". Having kids! We make sacrifices for each other and have grown stronger everyday! So glad to have him in my life! Best choice I ever made, marrying my hubby!

2. Mason. It might have taken forever to get him, but there is a reason for all things. I got to spend wonderful years with Matt, now I get to spend some wonderful years with my children and Matt. It is just a different stage of life. You make me frustrated, work on my patience,  confused, worried, and scared all in one day, but you make me love you, smile, laugh, play, and just show me how much love you have for me all in the same day. Parenting is hard. It is a trial. but it is oh, so worth it. Just to hear you laugh because I made you. Or when you had your first smile, because you thought I was being silly. When you come running up to me pointing to your hand or foot for me to kiss it better and after 1 kiss it is magically healed. I love being a mom! I love it. I love being Mason's mom and look forward to baby #2 joining our family.
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