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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

(Disney and New Balance will be announcing new running shoes next year. This weekend at the Wine & Dine race weekend is the last chance to snatch up these beauties!)

Ooooo! BURRRR! It was cold, cold, cold this morning! Morning run was in the upper 30's when we finally set out. That kind of cold just burns your lungs awake!

This morning was the 3rd week of the training program, 1st week for me though. There was a ton of confusion though with which training group to join and such. The program has us broken down into 6 different groups. I was put in the 2nd group. (I was hoping for the 3rd but I run/walk and don't run straight.) I do have to meet a certain mileage by January and the 3rd group is where I need to be.

I met my running captains for my group and one of them happens to be a Labor and Delivery nurse at my hospital. We had a bit of a talk during the run. She is going to tell my doc that she will watch over me and keep me safe and such. She gave me pointers on what to "listen" for with my body if I pushing too hard and when to back off. She did say that it is ok the whole time to just do run/walk intervals because my focus right now is for health for me and my baby and keeping up good exercise habits, not breaking personal records. She was very helpful, and I will probably do the mileage for group 3 next week because the 2 miles today just wasn't enough. I felt ready to go and it was time to stop. 3 miles is my base amount during the week. Anyhew. I will figure it out.

QOTD: How did you transition to run/walk to run all the time?
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