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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Second 5k- Forest Lakes July 4th 5k

Here is another throw back Thursday. I never got a chance to recap my second 5k race.

July 4- 2013.
(Pre-Race. Not sweating or red)

OH MAN IT was hot and humid. Just heavy feeling. I was sweating before we left the gate! I had a hard time sleeping the night before again due to fears of getting lost and being the last one. When we arrived we were like the first ones there. (Great parking spot because of it but a lot of waiting around.) I saw a ton of people running and walking around. I didn't know what the heck to do. I had been in my training program for a couple of week now. Hadn't quite run 3 miles yet but I could do it. I was considering this as my long run for the week.

My friend and her husband were running in the race too, but they are speed demons and I didn't expect to run with them. My friend's hubby went out and ran 1/2 the 5k for a warm-up before the race began. My jaw hit the ground when L told me that because I thought that was crazy. But he loves to run! I had some other friends running in the race too from my training program. Janet, who is now a good friend of mine was there but she is a speed diva! (she ran with me on my 10k if you remember.)

It was time to get lined up. I milled around the back because I knew I would be in the back. Started talking to those around me. One nice lady said that she was recovering from an injury and would run with me since I was a slow runner. Thus began another great friendship. This would be Jen, who also ran with me on the 10k. She did the whole race with me. Gave me tips and pointers to do better. Encouraged me, pushed me and helped me come in at the time I wanted.

The course was beautiful. It is in this beautiful neighborhood. The hood that we wanted to live in when we first arrived in VA but couldn't afford the prices of the homes. The course took us on a footpath near one of the many lakes and rivers. It was covered in silt and shaded and very slippery. (there was a fall at the beginning of the race right next to me. and I hoped there wasn't another later.) Not too many hills to worry about except for coming out of the footpath.

My favorite part of the race is the end though. Because you know you are close to the end and you can push yourself just a little harder. I also feel like the horse going back to the barn. I feel that pull of, I am almost done, almost done. I can sit down and rest if I just get there a little faster. Jen pushed me up till the end having me run a longer split at the end to cross the finish line. I was pouring sweat, tired and I had done it. Came in the at the time I wanted to. Knocked 10 minutes off my original time from the month before! I was faster. Stronger. And crying. Yes, I cry at the finish line because I am doing something I didn't think I could do and wasn't strong enough or courageous enough to try. But I am now!

~My new running friends!~
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