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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Today is my wonderful husband's day. He is a vet, well he is still in the military but this has always been his special day to spend with the family. This is the first year of teaching that I haven't taken the day off to spend with him. But that doesn't mean we can't spend the morning and most of the afternoon together.
~Matt leaving for his Iraq deployment when Mason was 3 days old.~
There was actually a time where I thought about joining the military. I thought about joining one of the army bands. (A good friend of mine from college is actually doing that now, way to go Kristen S.!) But my fear about joining the military was, I could NEVER run the 2 miles PT test. I could do the minimum number of pushups and the sit-ups but apparently I could never learn to do the run. I made excuses and didn't even really try. (In college Matt and I were in the ROTC PT class in the morning and I had a hard time running with the groups, we were living in Flagstaff, AZ at the time at 7,000 ft elevation, of course learning to run at that altitude would be hard!) So the idea just fizzled out. (at that same time I saw my first advertisement in a magazine for the WDW Marathon and the beautiful medal.) I wanted to run but I was too scared to really try.

Well now 7 years later, no military but I AM RUNNING! I am a runner. I will be running in my first Disney race next year with my husband and kid cheering me on!
~Matt having a little fun at training many, many years ago when he was a Private~
I am so proud of my husband and for his amazing choice and decision to join the military and remain in the military for nearly 13 years now. He has accomplished so much, gained great respect from his fellow soldiers and protects and provides for our family!

Matt's opinion of Veteran's Day:
My wife has dealt with the frustrations and pain that being an army wife can bring. From multiple deployments to raising our first son without me. Being an army wife is not easy. I thank all the Army Wives (spouses) out there for their continued support! I'm grateful to have a companion that actually stayed and supports me in my choice to serve our country.

I'm grateful that we have a day to remember all the people who have sacrificed for this country. I'm lucky to have a Grandfather and Dad who are vets. One who served in WWII and the other in Vietnam. I wonder if my children will follow in my footsteps and join the military one day.

Becky here:
Thank you to all the veteran's and spouses for all you have done and sacrificed! So proud to be part of such a strong community of military families in my town! Post your comments below to show your support to the military!

QOTD: Are you doing anything special to celebrate the day?
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