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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Turkey Day - 1 Week Away!

~Mason and his cousins will be making these Turkey Cupcakes next week when we go to visit. Fun activity for children to do while waiting for food to cook!~

Next week is Thanksgiving day! YEA! I love this holiday because it is a day for me and my family. I remember going to Grandmas house for Thanksgiving when I was a little girl. All my cousins would be there. We would all sit at the table in the kitchen, wishing for the day that we could sit at the grown-up table in the dining room. (I actually inherited said grown up table and it is in my dining room.)

Grandma made her famous rolls that would be so yummy and Uncle John brought his homemade jelly. Mom made her yams and later added the spinach leaf salad to the mix. (MY FAV! And sharing the recipe next week!) I remembered watching Grandma getting the turkey and taking the innards out (EWWW!) and do all the fixing to that bird.

Sadly it seems that Thanksgiving is just another day sometimes. Or Black Friday is "the real holiday." This year so many stores are opening or staying open on Thanksgiving day. Where back in the old days, my days, everyone got the day off or most of the day off. The occasional grocery store was open for those who forgot something for their meal. Now stores are opening at 6pm and staying open over night and through the next day. If you want that deal be in the store at 6pm on THANKSGIVING!

Next week don't forget to just take a moment and really say thanks to all you have! Enjoy your family, whether you are with your entire extended family, traveling from one family to the next and having multiple Thanksgiving dinners in 1 day, we have done that, it is a very filling day. Or if it is just you and your sweet. Enjoy the day. Make a new tradition. Do something new this year and try to stick to it next year! Mine is running in my first turkey trot. With my hubby. I am super excited to do this and cross the finish line holding hands! It is a healthy activity and burns some calories that I am sure I will be eating later!

1 more week. Make it a special day.

QOTD: What do you plan on doing with your family on Thanksgiving?
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