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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Second Pregnancy Stitch Fix Keepers

Well, time for me to send my clothing back that I am not going to be getting. I ran a couple of polls on Facebook and Instagram asking for help because I really was torn on what to get. I knew I wasn't going to get all of them, the scarf. Just can't do it! So I had to decide. And I was so surprised with how many people loved the maxi dress. Honestly, the fit wasn't the best but the color...AMAZING! Teal is my color for sure! So...what did I decide on...Here were the choices again:
So...What did I get?

The sea foam green and grey top and the black and white stripe shirt. Both by Half Moon Maternity. I knew even before I put on the grey top that I was going to get it. It is so me. Simple, soft, but has a pop of color on it that is perfect for my hair. And the fact that it doesn't have the pregnancy ruching on the side means that I can wear it post pregnancy and not feel guilty about it! The stripe shirt, as I said yesterday, I didn't think I would like it but I LOVED IT ON ME! It was so flattering and really made me fell like I wasn't all that pregnant. That I still had my normal body under. HELLO SMALL WAIST! So I went with these two items! YAY! So excited! I am sad though as these will be my last pregnancy fix. I get them every 3 months and the next one arrives in Oct. I don't think I will be back to my normal size (or smaller) by then as I will have just had the baby. I will delay my next fix until November or December probably for this reason. I am so excited though knowing that I can actually wear the clothing from Stitch Fix now. Makes all the hard work I did before getting pregnant and even while pregnant all the more worth while!

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