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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My First Pregnancy Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It is a service where when you sign up, a stylist chooses 5 items of clothing for you, based on your very descriptive profile that you fill out, sends it to you and you have a choice to get any of the items you were sent. From the reviews, sometimes a fix is either on point or they knock it out of the ball park! And on top of that they offer PREGNANCY CLOTHING! 

Ok backing up just a little bit. I have known about Stitch Fix for many years. I have a lot of friends that use the service. But when I first looked into it they only go up to a size 16, and a lot of it was boutique style stuff, so I assumed that the sizes actually ran small. The big word there is ASSUMED! I figured that I was too big to fit any of there stuff, and that I had to lose weight before I even tried their services. While at a party last month. I talked to some ladies and more than half of them were wearing outfits by Stitch Fix. I was like, dude, I have lost weight, and if doesn't work then I am out $20. It's just $20! I can do that. So I filled out my extensive profile, left major notes on my modesty requirements for my religion and that I really only wanted tops and maxi dresses as I already had 2 pairs of modest shorts for the summer. And low and behold. My package arrived YESTERDAY!

Lesson learned! Do not let your fears hold you back because you never know what might be waiting for you on the other side. And you might even be a little pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Have faith and believe in yourself!

So...I need your help! I have 3 days to get back to them and return any items I do not want to keep. Which items do you like best? Can you help me??? COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR TOP PICKS! 

Item A: Stripped top with blue lace on the shoulders. It is a thin material and would still work in the summertime. Plenty of room for the belly to grow! 
Item B: Love the teal color on this henley. Super thin and comfy material. However the shoulder area, is crochet and shows my undergarments that I need to cover up.
Item C: Navy blue maxi dress with a beautiful crochet back on it.
Item D: Floral crossover shirt with tons of room for the belly to go. Super thin and comfy material! 

Are you ready for your first fix? CLICK HERE to get scheduled today! 

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