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Monday, June 26, 2017

EXERCISE: How To Get Results In 30 Minutes

I am a busy mom of 3 kids. I have said it before. It was even implied today at the store that I wouldn't have time to do other things because I am too busy with my kids, you can watch that video over on FACEBOOK HERE. And because I am busy, I choose to do 30 minute workouts at MAX EFFORT. Gone are the days of just going through the motion and using lighter weights. Now, I work for the body that I want.

I used to think that I had to exercise for 2 hours a day to lose weight. I was literally doing 2 hours of the elliptical a day 8 years ago. But that isn't the case. At all. Not if you are giving it your all and actually pushing yourself, and WORKING. You can do just 30 minutes a day of exercise.

30 Minutes Of Effective Exercise WORKS!

Just think about. If you did 30 minutes on the treadmill of walking at 2.8 speed for 30 minutes compared to doing interval training at a 30 second run and 1.5 minute fast walk, which is going to make you feel more out of breath? Which one did you work more towards. Don't get me wrong. Walking is great. If you love walking, great. But I am talking about the max effort to GET your results in your timeline.

Sure, we all have days where we drag and just don't want to do it, but you still need to do it as best as you can even on those days.
Key Things To Do In Your Next workout: 

Try before you modify: 
Make sure you are trying the move before you modify, unless you have preexisting injuries. If you are just getting into exercise or have been away for awhile. Try the move at least once to see where your starting point is. YOU MUST USE CORRECT FORM THOUGH. Don't strain yourself though. If you can't get into the move, modify for sure. But it is best to try before you modify. You might be surprised that you can do 5 jump squats when you didn't even think you could do 1!

Take your effort up a notch: 
If you have been doing the same workout for 3 weeks and you are still doing the same move at the same speed it is time to take it up a notch. Increase your weight. Or go just a hair faster. Jump higher. Whatever you have to do to take it up a notch.

Do Just 1 More:
Ever week do just 1 more rep than you did the week prior. This helps you see and feel how much stronger and better you are getting. And it is causing you to make progress in your workouts instead of just staying stuck at what you have done before.

Aim To Sweat:
If you are aiming to be sweating by the end of your workout then that means you worked your heart. And increased your heart rate. THAT IS GOOD! I have heard people don't want to sweat while exercising because they don't like to sweat or have to go back to work. Go on a walk and get a short little bit in but...It should be a fast walk and if not, then it might be time to find another time to do a more higher intensity exercise. You want to reach your goals right? Then you have to work for it! Your heart rate should go up a little bit and by doing that your body is exerting and will start to perspire to help cool you off. Even bit of sweat you drop is that much closer to reaching the body you want. Don't back off on what you are doing just because of a little sparkle!

Believe In You:
Believe that you can actually do the workout or actual exercise. Burpees, I hate them. Just like everyone else. They are hard. They spike my heart rate like CRAZY! And often I will modify before I try because I know what they do to me...But not anymore. My goal is to always do one full out. Then the next time I have them do 2 and so forth. I can no longer be stuck. I know I can do this and I know that I can work my body. Time to start believing it!

Want results you have to do something every day to get them. That means you have to workout 4-5 times a week. Think of it as your job (it can be by the way. Through coaching just like me! Have questions? Send me an EMAIL!) . Think of it as part of your everyday chore. How ever you have to think about it but you have to do it everyday. Just here and there isn't going to work anymore. It has to be on a regular basis.
Ready to make a complete lifestyle change and rock your goals and results in just 30 days? Be sure to get my 30 Days To A Healthy Lifestyle Change Workbook to help you learn the tricks to make a true and lasting lifestyle change!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Lack of Sleep Making You Crave Sweets? Tips To Combat Cravings

Being a new mom is hard because we run on very little sleep. But here's the thing. Little sleep doesn't just magically disappear once the baby turns 1. I am still dealing with my 2, almost 3 year old and sometimes my 5 year old calling out for me in the middle of the night! Lately I feel like I have Murphy's Mom Law, the moment I start to fall asleep, one of my children call for me. Right now Elyse is waking 3 times a night for a feeding, and Collin at least once. Mason once in a blue moon. It never ends. And with the lack of sleep and going on fumes the next day trying to keep up with my busy brood, I have to stick by some rules to combat reaching for the sweets to get me through the day! 


BECAUSE sweets and sugar, glucose, is a FAST BURNING energy source. And we have trained our body to want sweets and treats and carbs to help give us energy fast because it does. That is why within minutes you feel that pick me up in energy after eating a Snickers. Most of the commercials for Snickers are actually about this if you think about it. They show someone grumpy, hangry, tired, and they have a snickers and BAM! FULL OF ENERGY! Because they body is taking that glucose and burning it faster than a burning sparkler at the 4th of July. 

I did a live video in my FREE online support community which you can CHECK OUT HERE

1) DON'T HAVE THE SWEETS IN THE HOUSE! If you are struggling with learning how to cut sweets the first step is to stop buying them. DECIDE NOW that you are done with them. Make a commitment to yourself that you are done! Finish what you have now. But then just don't buy them any more, or at least as often. Often times the sweets end up in the house because our spouse or partner wants them. Snacks for kids. Or leftovers from a get together. But now it is time to ditch the sweets. Talk to your spouse about how you are struggling with the sweets and agree together that you won't be bringing them into the house as often any more. If you have extended family in your house and they are the ones bringing it in, talk to them too! Let them know your struggle. They should want to support you. Ask them to keep their sweets or treats in their own room, or on a specific shelf that isn't yours but their own. Sounds silly, but it needs to be done if you want to stick with your goals.

2) MEAL PLANNING! When you meal plan you will have healthier choices in your house. You will know exactly what you are eating for what meal and you won't have the cravings as much for sweets as you think. Following the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, you are eating the right kinds of foods. You are eating the right portion of foods, you won't be left hungry. And when you combine that with Shakeology, that helps to cut the cravings too. Because your body is truly getting all the right types of fast and slow burning foods it needs to help you feel satisfied and sustained. Cravings just don't happen when you are feeling content and not hungry. Plus with Shakeology you are getting all the vitamins and minerals, pro and prebiotics, digestive enzymes your body needs to truly meet the needs and not want any more. Take the time 1 day a week to plan out your meals. This is WEEK 1 in my 30 Days To A Healthy Lifestyle Change Program. Learning the importance of meal planning, how to do it and become proficient using daily action steps to reach your goals in my program workbook.
3) EXERCISING! No joke. And exercise early in the day so that you are driven the rest of the day to make better choices. When you exercise you tend to make better choices. This goes into the old "diet" way of thinking, "I'm exercisingI have to eat well." That is probably the one good way of thinking we have, even though we aren't dieting but making a lifestyle change. But think about it. When you exercise you are more prone to eat better for the rest of the day.

4) LIVE THE 80/20 RULE! If I don't have sweets at least once a week, I will go on a major binge fest and eat up all the sugar I can find, even straight up sugar you guys! Or when I go to the store I will automatically get a CRAP candy bar, or 2 or 3 and just devour them to get my "fix". Sugar is as addictive as heroin. I work through every day dealing with my sugar addiction. And if I let my guard down even just a little. I will give in to it and I don't want to anymore! Allow yourself 1 day a week to indulge in a treat, or salty foods or whatever it is you are craving. Know that you get 1 meal a week, GUILT FREE, to eat whatever you want to eat! GUILT FREE! One hamburger and dessert is not going to kill your results. It is the excessive eating of them that will. Also become a food snob. Thanks to Shakeology for upgrading my taste buds to only want the finer tasting things in life, most common sweets just don't do it for me. I go for the expensive stuff. For two reasons. I am less likely to buy it often because it costs more money and the other, because it is often made with better ingredients. Real ingredients. And not some lab created, empty calorie chemicals!
5) SWAP OUT YOUR CRAVINGS FOR HEALTHIER OPTIONS! Instead of grabbing a cookie swap it out for a healthy treat. Some ideas for swaps.

  • Swap out a cookie and eat some grapes. They are the sweets, most easy to find cheap fruit you can get your hands on. Try them frozen too. They are yummy as a great treat to cool down with. 
  • Thinly sliced apple dipped in 1-2 tsp peanut butter. (melt the peanut butter and drizzle it over the apples, yum! 
  • Try organic carrots, they actually taste sweeter than regular carrots (IMHO). 
  • Make homemade kale chips with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt on them. Healthy and a little salty treat. 
  • Air popped popcorn (but remember portion sizes!) add seasoning instead of butter
What are some other healthy swaps you can think of. Comment below with you ideas to share with everyone! 

6) TRY TO GET TO BED 1 HOUR EARLIER THAN YOU HAVE BEEN! This is easier said than done with kids sometimes. But I often find that I relish in the quietness of the house when the kids are sleeping in their beds and I just stay up too late. Getting to bed generally around 11pm. Even now as I am writing this it is 10:29pm. But getting to bed even just 30 minutes earlier means just a little more sleep for you! Remember, catching up on shows can wait. Cleaning your house, making it spotless can wait. Your sanity and healthy can not.

In the end, you have to be steadfast in your decision to not give into sweets. Think about how they only gave you a few moments of bliss in your life, but then how you felt and how you are today. For me, I am a sugar addict. And if I give in too much at once, I'm a goner and it twice as hard next time to cut them out of my life again. And Remember, at some point in your journey, you will get there where they can be back in your house. Because they don't do it for you. You don't enjoy them. And they are treats for your hubs and kids. But not for you. Because you decided against it and you don't want to give in now. Be consistent. Be steadfast. And you will kick the cravings, even when you are exhausted!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

21 Day Fix: Tips To Getting Started

Are you new to starting the 21 Day Fix this month? Or maybe you have access to it with the new Beachbody On Demand All Access Annual Pass online streaming service. From this 21 Day Fix Grad, there are a few things to know to getting started with the 21 Day Fix to make sure you are getting your best results possible! Make sure you bookmark or pin this post so that you can easily refer back to it during your next 21 Days!

To get started, first check out this video by the creator of 21 Day Fix- Autumn Calabrese for 7 simple tips to losing weight! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO GET STARTED? 

1) WEIGHTS- You will need to get a set or 2 of hand weights or resistance bands. A light set and a heavy set. For hand weights a 3 and a 5 pound pair or a 5 and an 8 pound set are good starting points (Target has some!). Resistance bands you will want to get can be found here! It is a light, medium and heavy resistance. 

2) TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS- You can download a measurement chart from the Beachbody On Demand 21 Day Fix workout page in the Getting Started section or just email yourself your measurements. Just keep track because that is where you going to see results first!

3) TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURES- Everyone hates doing these, and you do not have to show anyone but TAKE THESE PICTURES! You will be glad you did because you will actually SEE your results and see the changes that the scale might not reflect.

4) LEARN WHAT YOU CAN EAT- Get familiar with the 21 Day Fix Approved Foods list- These are foods you want to be eating all the time anyways because they are healthy whole foods. But PIN this picture so you can refer back to it often and see what foods are ok to eat!

5) PLAN YOUR MEALS- Figure out your calorie bracket and Start planning your weekly meals on a calendar! If you are part of my health and fitness FREE group you can print off a PDF copy in the group!

21 DAY FIX: How The Containers Work
21 DAY FIX: What To Expect With The Workouts

Contact your Team Beachbody Coach and find out if they have a Challenge Group you can join. Accountability and support from others who are also doing workout programs just like you is a huge key to success. IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE A COACH and would like to WORK WITH ME, please EMAIL ME OR MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK!

Hopefully these tips help you get started with your success in reaching your goals. Remember DREAM big because if you are dedicated and committed to reaching your goals, you will soar past them!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How To Get The Perfect Night's Sleep

Being pregnant it is hard to get a good night sleep, let alone perfect, but I can do things to help my sleep be a little better. If you want to improve your sleep quality then check out this little chart. Think about it. Are you having a hard time sleeping but notice that you are playing on your computer right up until you turn out the lights. Might not be the best thing.I honestly do read prior to going to bed and that is what helps me go to sleep. Might not be the best but it actually knocks me out the fastest. 
(Mason taking a nap on Archer a few years ago)

My 5 Tips To A Perfect Night Sleep:

1) Listen to your body. If you are tired. Then go to sleep. Don't fight it. 

2) Pick a reasonable time to get to sleep at night. Maybe trying going to sleep 30 minutes earlier to see if you feel more rested the next day. 

3) Don't guzzle a ton of water just before bed, because you are probably going to have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of that.

4) Try meditating as you are laying in bed before you fall asleep. Think of the things you are thankful for. It can actually leave you feeling positive before you fall asleep, therefore waking up positive and ready to take on the day.

5) Do not exercise too close to when you go to sleep. Your body will be pumped and amped up too much. At least 2 hours before you go to bed, BE DONE with your workout.

6) BONUS TIP: Always kiss your spouse or partner goodnight and tell them that you love them. Never go to bed angry! 

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Success in 2016: Plan Your Day

Hello New Year, in just a few days! Are you making your new year resolution list yet? I am still working on mine. But here is one that is on my list. To plan out my day and make sure that I have balance between my family, work, and everyday life stuff. Sadly when you say yes to one thing, you have to say no to something else. Like, if I say yes to working out, then I am saying no to sleeping in. Get it? 
Pick one day a week that you sit down and plan out your schedule, every hour of every day of the week. I am serious! 

1) Family always comes first so start with that. Schedule in any doctor appoints, kid drop offs and pickups, or any other family appointments that you have for the week, oh yeah and church activities.

2) Schedule in your workout just like a doctor appointment. It really is that important for me that I schedule it in secondary in my life. 
3) Next I schedule in my work time. Teaching and coaching. My goal in 2016 is to stick to my schedule. Do what I have to do in the time allotted. I have been crossing over way too much and that is not ok for me and my family. I will no longer sacrifice my family time. I have to become more efficient in my actual work time! 

4) Lastly I schedule my me time. I personally need some alone time for me to just unwind from my activities. I can usually get 30-45 minutes of this a day. I use this for reading or just turning off my brain. 

Here is how to stick with your schedule: 

Turn the sound off on my phone
Set alarms or timers for how long to do something
Close my laptop and put it away
Mute the notifications on Facebook
Only open the window you need to work in right now
Keep yourself focused on the goal in mind
Work from a to do list

Starting today you can plan to make 2016 more successful with these tips! Be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST for more daily motivation and support!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Guilt Free Holiday Season- Best Tips

Be Prepared this Christmas! Here are my best tips to help you stay on track and avoid feeling guilty after the holiday! 

Remember Your Why: 

You embarked on this healthy journey for a reason. You do not need to indulge for weeks on end and then feel miserable. You and your body deserve more than that! You have willpower and a goal, remember that and don’t give in to temptation after temptation! 

Plan Your Treats! 

We are not here to tell you to deprive yourself. This is a lifestyle and in life we have treats! It is totally ok! What is not ok is to have treat after treat until you feel miserable and defeated. Plan out your treats and stick to your plan. For example, I plan to stay on track and then enjoy my Thanksgiving meal, dessert and all, guilt free. After, I will jump right back on track! 

Is it Worth it? 

Treats have consequences. Salty, sugary, and fatty foods are seriously addicting and leave us craving more. Often, this means falling far from our goals so think to yourself, “Is this really worth it or do my goals mean more to me?” Yes, that fried gooeyness may taste good for a moment, but what does it do for you in the the long run? 

Move Your Body! 

This is such an important time to get your body moving! Do not start slacking off in your workout routine. Working out gives you endorphins and a clean mind to make good decisions. Schedule it in! Make it a priority! If you are traveling, take your DVD’s with you or get some good use out of your walking shoes. Be proud of the choices you are making, don’t be embarrassed to show off your movies in front of family. Wake up early and get it done! You will feel a million times better if you stay on track. Remember, we want to go into 2016 feeling incredible and confident in our bodies, not stuck starting over for another year in a row!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to start December Feeling Great

So who is feeling a little sluggish or icky from this past weekend feasting? Did you eat too much good stuff, or too many days of it? It's ok! Take a deep breath. It is ok! I have been enjoying a bowl of the fruit salad everyday. Yes it has marshmallows in it. It is my weakness, but I am limiting myself to only one bowl a day. Oh and it is going bye-bye today. It will not be in the house TOMORROW!

First things first. Make today the last day to have leftovers that might not be the best for you. And decide that tomorrow is the day that you get back on the healthy food and workout bandwagon.

Drink lots of water. You need to help flush your system of the heavy foods you ate this weekend. So make sure you are getting at least 100 oz of water over the next few days.

Drink 1-2 cups of warm lemon water (this counts towards your daily water allotments) This will help to flush and detox your body of the stuff you ate. It will help to regulate your system and help your tummy feel better. 
Drink 1 cup of water with 1-2 teaspoons of RAW Apple Cider Vinegar. This will help to re-balance out your body to a better PH balance. Eating meat and heavy foods change the ph balance of your body. it will also help you retain the good minerals in your body that you need instead of flushing all of them out with the extra water you are drinking. Plus more benefits. 
Eat more fruits and veggies! Have leftover veggie? Eat those up first. Stick with lots of veggies and fruits as your sweets. Now that you have had sweets your body is going to crave it. Use your fruits as your sweets. Get some grapes and stick them in the freezer for a nice frozen treat. Grapes have some of the highest natural sugar contents and it is a good starting point to help cut your cravings for sugar. After a few days cut grapes and go with apples or other fruits with less sugar in them.
But most of all. Give yourself a break. If you overate or indulged more than you had planned, it is done. It is in the past. Focus now on how you can help your body feel better and happier now. Also use this as a good lesson for Christmas. Remember how you are feeling to help drive you to eat differently over Christmas! You all did great. Give yourself some credit. I know each and everyone of you made at least 1 change to what you had at your table and that right there is the starting point!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Staying On Track For Thanksgiving

Check out my tips for staying on track this Thanksgiving. Many of us will be having a buffet style dinner. Here are my tips to keep Thanksgiving healthy but still enjoying many of the foods you want to eat for Thanksgiving!

Tips to Conquer The Buffet
Scope It out
Before taking your plate through the buffet line, check out the options and pick what you like. Having a plan will keep you from going overboard.

Top it with Turkey
Grab a plate of salad, (or bringer own) and top it with some turkey. When your plate is full of delicious veggies you won’t have room to over-do it with the other sides.

Be Mindful About Added Butter, Salt and Sugar
yes those dishes may taste incredible, but most Thanksgiving sides are packed with those things that aren’t the best for you. Try getting smaller portions or avoiding some of the choices.

Choose Water
There are probably lots of options filled with sugar. Stick with WATER! You will be well hydrated and feel great after!

Stick To One Trip
As tempting as all that food just laying around is, try to get everything you’d like in your first trip. et smaller portions of sides so you can have a variety.

Greens Over Yellows
Get more veggies than carbs. Obviously we love those potatoes, but we don’t need a plate full!

Bring Food to Share
Bring your own healthier options to share! Then you know exactly what went into it!

Be Selective About Desserts
there are often tons of desserts. Remember your goals and only get one small choice (or none if you’re feeling extremely controlled!) 

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Healthy Halloween Game: 2015

I did this last year with Anna and Elsa costumes that came a knocking and ended up doing 60 squats for the night. I wanted to up the anti this year. Adding more categories of costumes and a variation of exercises to do per costume.

So the rules: Whenever one of these little costumes make an appearance at your door keep a tally and do the exercise associated with it either right then and there or after the little monsters have gone to bed. Think of this as your way to eat a candy bar or 2 for the night. Fun way to help keep you healthy and happy this holiday season!

Also check out my trick to keep the candy in the house at a minimum! Big bucket, lots of stuffing!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Potty Training Tips For Preschool

Well the day is here! Mason has started school! And HE LOVES IT! Everyday since the first day of school he has come running up to me thanking me for taking him to preschool and that he loves me so much! It just melts my heart!

Yesterday he did have a little trouble getting his jean shorts pulled up after the potty. They had just had play time at the playground and he was all hot and sweaty, but just in case, I ran out and got him some elastic waist band shorts to make it easier on him and the teachers.

So one of the rules at this preschool is that he has to be completely and totally potty trained to attend. That is he do it all on his own. EVERYTHING! We worked all summer for this. Mason knew to go to pre school he had to be able to do it all. And when he finally did start using the potty full time after he did he would ask, "Can I go to preschool now!" and here we are. AT PRESCHOOL!

Here is what we did to help potty train Mason over the summer.

We have been trying since 2.5 years to potty train him. Started with just letting him walk naked and tell us if he needs to go potty. Didn't work. I set a timer to go off every 20 minutes to sit on the potty. That didn't work. We gave up a few times. Then tried again. Gave up and tried again. Fast forward to February when I told him he had to go on the potty. He still didn't want to. By May he was wearing underwear (or naked) and would go pee on the potty. But when he had a diaper on for mommy quiet time or night he would go poo! He was holding his poop for the diaper!

The end of June I had enough of that and just let the chips fall where they were. I told him "NO MORE DIAPERS!" And I hid his diapers. I told him that he is in underwear all the time and that we couldn't buy more diapers. He would respond. "The super market has more diapers!" Smarty pants!!! Finally just a few weeks before his 4th birthday he couldn't hold his poop any more and I saw it in his eyes. (cause they about bugged out of his face! He had to go poo!) He ran into the potty and went poop on the potty for the very first time! He then knew he was ready to go to preschool! We have been in underwear 24X7 since the beginning of July! And we are saving money not having to buy him diapers anymore! YEA!

1. Bribing didn't work.
2. Sticker charts didn't work.
3. Songs didn't work.
4. Happy dances didn't work.
5. Apps didn't work.
6. Reading didn't work.

Telling him (fibbing) we had no more diapers and just not putting him in them any more worked! Mental note has been made for child #2, but Collin is not as strong willed as Mason is! (speaking of child #2 I keep asking for my phone so I can get a picture for this post off of it and he keeps fake handing it to me and runs away! LITTLE STINKER! Oh yeah, I just totally made him cry!)

Monday, September 7, 2015

13 LUCKY Years!

This past Saturday the hubs and I celebrated our 13th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Crazy huh! 13 years I have been with this guy and I love him more than the day we married. It is totally possible to find bliss and happiness! 

We have had an amazing roller coaster of a marriage! We have had great years and years that were not so great but we got through all of them together and stronger. We had so many years, and still dealing with it, the whole kid thing. We were ok with having kids right as we got married but when it didn't happen, and a year went by, then 2, 3 and up to 8 we struggled. I pestered Matt. It was what I wanted but we didn't know what to do because it just wasn't happening. 3 fertility doctors, 54 shots in my belly and 2 IUI's and we finally got Mason. Now we are dealing with miscarriages that have been so hard on me mentally and stronger. But we are doing this together. Matt is there for me and has been there for me every step of the way. I love though that during those years we were able to still travel and spend time together! We had 9 years to get to know each other and build a strong relationship and a great friendship!

Marriage takes work. Even though you love someone you can still get mad at them. But you have to take that effort to talk through it. Forgive and work through any struggles that you might be having. If you are having an argument just holding hands while talking through it helps to not stay mad at them. It helps you stay connected it helps you forgive! It is worth it. At one point in time you fell in love with your partner. Just remember why you did! Check out this awesome video of Chalene Johnson giving relationship advice. It is pretty funny and so true! Check it out. Comment below what you think about it. What you took away from the video! 

I am one lucky lady who married such a great role model for his boys who is strong in his faith, devoted to his family and dedicated to his work!

Thanks hubs for picking me and for going on this crazy life journey with me. 13 years out of forever is pretty sweet!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Preschool Lunch

Mason is starting pre-school in 2 weeks from today! YAY!!!! (I may be just a little bit excited for that fact!) He is one picky eater thought and I would much rather him take the option on the left more than the option on the right. I am a clean eater. My son, IS NOT!
He can eat gold fish till the cows come home. PB&J every meal. No more eggs for him, no more oatmeal. "EWWWW!" is what he says now to that. Pasta, yeah right. And if we tell him he can't have anything else, he would rather not eat at all. (like last night.) He will do hot dogs, without the buns but only if 5 Guys make it. (yeah, at a lost on that one!) No string cheese, no meat, no anything that resembles the color GREEN!

Last night we made these pocket sandwiches (just like in the picture which he said looked good by the way!) And he refused to eat it! He picked out the bread, meat and cheese for it all by himself. And wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted to eat more chips and grapes.

So moms! I got these recipe books from 100 Days of Real Food for help and inspiration. The food looks GREAT! Does anyone out there have any help for me. Tips and tricks. I want him to want to eat healthy foods, and a variety of foods too, not just the same thing over and over. (At least when I do it, is is something more substantial and healthy!) I am at a loss and I really need some help!

I did find this site by Keeley McGuire yesterday for 20 non sandwich lunches while searching. Cute ideas!

Monday, August 10, 2015

My 5 Biggest Weight Loss Secrets

I am coming up on 20 lbs lost since mid May. In 3 months I will have passed the big 20 pounds loss mark and almost 10% of my starting weight is GONE! THAT IS HUGE! And it is seriously just hitting me how huge that is! I have no idea why I didn't realize it earlier but I didn't!

So would you like to know my secrets??? And guess what, there is no pill, wrap or anything else I do. This is what I am doing to get my results!

1) Decide! The biggest factor to why I am finally losing weight is that I am determined to do this. I have decided that this is the time that I take back my life and I want to be as healthy as possible for the next time that I do get pregnant. And I will get healthy because this is my time. I decided that it was my time and I am DETERMINED! (Even my parents know that when I am determined, nothing will stop me!)

2) Clean eating! You can workout all you want and still get results. But if you combine clean eating with working out the weight will just fall off of you! I am living proof of that. It has happened now more than once in my life that when I start eating clean my body just sheds what it doesn't want which happens to be the excess fat on my body.

3) Exercise! You need to add exercise to your daily life. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day. Combining exercise with your clean eating allows you to build muscle which means you will overall burn more calories during the day because muscle is a CALORIE BURNER!

4) WATER! Drink lots of water! Our bodies need water to survive. It is 0 calories and you can drink as much of it a day as you want. And you can put fresh fruits in it to flavor it up naturally and it tastes so good! It also helps to flush our stuff from your system. Feeling bloated, drink more water! Stopped up, DRINK WATER! Stay hydrated and cut the sugary drinks. Those are not what our bodies NEED!

5) Stay determined! You have decided and you are eating clean, adding in some exercise and putting down the water, now what?!? You have to stay committed and give it everything you have. You have to really want it or else you are going to make excuses and just give up after a few days because you are going to miss your other foods. This isn't about missing foods or feeling like your are depriving yourself. It isn't about punishing yourself or dieting. This is about putting you first. This is about taking back your life. This is about you taking care of you. This is so much more than just the food. This is about you being here for your family. This is about you being able to play with your kids. Run after your kids. Getting up and down off the floor with your kids. This is about you being a good example for your kids. This is about bringing good eating habits into your house so that your kids learn it to and that they won't be one of the statistics of obese children in this country. Find your reason why you have to do this for you and you will be determined and you will stick with it.

My reason why I am doing this. I firmly believe that our baby girl sacrificed her time now to be with us. She saved my life because had the pregnancy continued there could have been other complications that could have done a heck of a lot more damage than what was already done. I also believe she did it so that we could both be healthy, together. If it continued and I made it out ok, she probably would not have been. I owe her  to get as healthy as possible now so that her sacrifice isn't wasted. And I firmly believe that I will get as healthy as possible now because I know I will. I believe in myself that I will.

All you have to do to believe in yourself is to start believing. You can do this. I know it is hard. I know that it might seem impossible but it isn't. You just have to decide, and stick with it and stay determined! You can do this.

Need daily motivation and one on one support? Let me know. We can do this together because you are stronger than you think! I know you can do this!

Want more daily motivation and inspiration? Click here to join my private online community where you get free advice, support and encouragement + a free gift with tips to help you get started with the right mindset for healthier nutrition choices!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Disney Princess Half Marathon Registration

The Disney Princess Half Marathon registration opens to everyone TOMORROW! Have you decided yet if you are going to be doing it or not? I sadly won't be doing it in 2016, as we have a couple of family events to attend next year that we are saving up to be able to attend but man, if I had unlimited funds, I WOULD BE DOING THE RACE! No questions asked. It is really that awesome.

Yes I was 29 weeks pregnant when I ran mine. Yes it was hotter than hades on a nice balmy day, and yes, my body hated me for the rest of the day, but it was TOTALLY worth it. The experience of running in my first Disney race, which is something that I had wanted to do for years! but the experience of it all. All the women coming together. To be healthy, to try something that seems impossible to so many. We did it! I DID IT! And I will never ever forget my experience of it. All 13.1 miles. (I may have zoned out for a mile or 2 in the beginning but still!) I remember the whole experience.

Put this on your race todo list if you can't do it in 2016. You want to!

Check out my tips for the half marathon!

Half Marathon Race Recap

The 1/2 Marathon race: What to expect

The Expo

The Costumes

Race Morning

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Next Adventure...

I have a new adventure I wanted to tell you all about. I have a YOUTUBE channel now! WHAT!?! This is totally new and I wanted to share some tips that I have with clean eating and sometimes it is just easier to tell you about it than writing it down! I won't be vlogging all the time just on some stuff so make sure you check it out. And that you subscribe to keep up to date on what I am doing! It is small right now with only 2 videos but over time it will grow and I hope that you will join me over there too.

I really am a real person. Sometimes it might seem that I am just someone story teller and yes I post pictures of me and my family but it is nice to see that I really do exist in real life. I fully believe that we all need some motivation. And I plan on doing some motivation type videos to help give you that push to get up and go for a run or do your workout. I really hope that you guys can see a whole new side to me.

Here is my most recent video that I did. One thing that I have written about is that last Friday I had oral surgery. For the past 8 years I have been told that I would eventually need a gum graft. Well that day has come and I had it done this past Friday. I made this video on Monday so I am still having a hard time talking and I can't smile at all (I know you will miss my big smile! My favorite feature!) But still I think the video is pretty educational on how to add greens into your daily Shakeology or Green Smoothie without having to have a salad. And it is cost effective.

So in this video I am making Kale Shots, as I call them. They are just 1 ounce cubes of pureed kale. I don't know about you but I have such a hard time eating Kale. I think it is too bitter and I just can't get it down. And using it in smoothies, I just wasn't getting through all of it in a week. So my solution is to puree it up and freeze it. And one once is equal to like 4 cups of Kale. And it is totally masked by Shakeology, and a banana or in your green smoothie. You will still taste it a little because it is so bitter but it won't be like it is in a salad or just straight up. Let me know what you think of the video, subscribe! And hope you join me on this next adventure!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quiet Time For Moms Is A Must

I'm no expert on being a mom, I mean I am a mom, but there are days that I just feel like this:

But some days other mom's think my life is like this:

Most days I am just glad that I survived the day and I feel like I am seriously a Super Mom:

But my two cents on being a mommy, and a good mommy is to a) take care of yourself and b) take care of your kids which can lead to c) take care of the house! (The house can wait!)

As a mom it is so easy to get wrapped up in the whole, kids come first bit. And most of the time they do. But, BUT, mom's need their time too, otherwise they feel the strain and so will the kids, the hubs, the dog, and it can just explode sooner or later.

Mom's reading this, you know what I am talking about. THE EXPLOSION! Where we just have had it and can't do it and we find ourselves in the closet crying because we just need 5 seconds to ourselves. In Sex And The City Charlotte, after trying to many, many years to have kids, finally has one. And she is trying her hardest to be the "perfect mom" Making homemade goodies. An art project for her little one and trying to look perfect too. Her little one comes up with red paint on her hands and sticks her hands on Charlotte's beautiful white skirt! Charlotte then retreats into the pantry and cries it out for a second.

Guess what mom's! IT'S OK to take time for yourself. I have to or else I am a MOMSTER by the end of the day and that just ain't cool. Please do not think that I am perfect. Most days if you just stop by my house I am still in my pj's but that is how I roll. So here is my schedule for my Mommy Quiet Time as we call it in our house. (Because heaven forbid I call it nap time to Mason he will go on strike and that is not cool!)

7-8am- Shower and quiet time for mom. This is my morning, get ready for the day and have alone time before the house gets up and going. I have time to think, read scriptures and blog a little too. (I have actually started waking up an hour earlier to allow this time for myself and it has been marvelous! yes my kids sleep in till 8. Collin most of the time till 9. Not bragging but I trained them that way,)

12:30 on the dot- is Mommy Quiet Time. Both kids go into their room for quiet time. Mason goes in with gold fish and his tablet and he can either play on his tablet or sleep. It is his choice. And yes I totally embrace quiet time with his tablet because we have it set up to only allow certain apps to play for so long.

Collin is so ready for his long afternoon nap by this point. He has a 40 minute nap at 10:30 and by 12:30 he is ready to go down.

3:00- both kids are up and ready to get out. It is kind of amazing how it works.

8:00pm- Time for bed for the kiddos.

I trained Mason on this schedule, meaning that it took some time for him to get used to it. Collin just fell into the schedule since he has been born. Not everyday is like this but about 85% of the time it is. Sometimes, like yesterday, Mason will call out for me and wiggle the door asking to come out or get my attention but most of the time it is because his table froze up or he needs more snacks. (he is only allowed 1 snack now so that he has room for a snack later and for dinner.)

But seriously find some time that works for you during the day. Even if you have to wake up 1 hour earlier or even just 30 minutes earlier so that you get some you time. That is what it is all about. Exercise, take a shower, meditate. Try to find some time for you to be alone and just do your own thing. I promise you that it will make your life a little bit more manageable.

~Me, no make up and just having fun with the kids!~

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