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Friday, August 26, 2016

Finding The Perfect Homecoming Outfit For Baby

I don't know about you, but for me, getting a special outfit, which is their very own, to come home from the hospital just makes the whole experience all the more REAL! With Collin, I really made a point to find him a cute coming home outfit. Since we were using all of Mason's hand me downs it just was something that I really wanted to do. I found this perfect little teal blue onesie and stripped pant,s from Gymboree, that were just too cute, but the hat, totally sold it for me!

For Elyse, I wanted to find something that was super special. Something that told her story. We have been waiting for this little baby girl for years. We knew we would have 2 boys and a girl shortly after we had Mason. I thought for sure that she was going to be the middle child, and when we found out that Collin was, well, a boy, I was a little upset. I started to think that maybe we weren't really meant to have a girl. But through faith and hope. We really did know that she was meant to be with us, when the timing was right. 

We knew that last year she was trying to come join our family. But then the worst thing happened. We lost her. I felt after a few weeks that she had sacrificed her time then so that we could both be healthy when it was her time to come back. I honestly didn't know if she was still going to be with our family or not, but when we found out we were pregnant, we had the peaceful feeling that this was Elyse's turn. That it was really going to be happening. So we have been waiting for YEARS for her to join our family. YEARS! So, when I found this adorable Worth The Wait onesie made by Mamabijou over at Etsy, I couldn't resit. (make sure you like her on Facebook too, so you can see all the cute new items!) Call it #TheElyseEffect but I had to have it. I also picked up the adorable leggings and bow from her too and I just can't wait to put her in this outfit, and hoping that she doesn't have a massive blowout in it on the way how so that she can wear it for a couple other important events! 


1) Make it personal to you and your story
2) Have fun with it
3) Don't forget about the siblings or pets! Get them a fun shirt to wear too!
4) Get it personalized
I also picked up a pair of fun shirts for the boys to wear when they meet baby sister for the first time (I have fallen in love with ETSY!) It is a huge change, welcoming a new family member, and often times the siblings need something to help them still feel just as special as baby. So for us, we get them a cute big brother shirt to really emphasize how important they are to the whole family! Check out these Big Brother Again and Big Brother Finally shirts for Mason and Collin made by Little Boo Kid Shirts at Etsy.
While you are planning for your new bundle of joy, take some time to really find something that is special for your family. It really makes the whole brining your baby home from the hospital so much more special! Comment below with your pictures of coming home outfits for your kiddos! 

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