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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 Charlottesville's Woman's 4 Miler - Race Recap

I have done my first repeat race ever! It was kind of fun knowing the course and what to expect going into my second time doing the same race. What an exhilarating experience running with so many other women though! It is such an awesome feeling.

My race I knew I was going to be slower than last year since I hadn't trained for it and certainly not like last year. I went into the race last year ready to conquer it and to kick it's butt. This year I was just happy to be there and to actually do it. I was nervous and scared of getting hurt so I did not push myself like I could have. (which makes me wonder how well I could have done if I had.) But it was my first postpartum race, and first time doing 4 miles in a row for a very long time!

We lined up in our corrals and I lined up with the 13-14 min mile pace. I trusted my body and knew that I could sustain that for a little while. I had a couple of friends in this pace group that I was going to run with, so why not!

We made our way to the line ups and before we knew it, it was time to go! Me and 2 other ladies who were starting together. One took off like a rocket and we told her to keep going, she did! The other 2 we ran together. One friend took a stumble just before mile 1 and I stayed with her to make sure she was ok and T kept on trucking along. It took me awhile to get back up to her. V was ok and got back up. Her ankle was hurt so we slowed our pace to let her get back into the groove. I started running with another lady and encouraged her to pump her arms more and we started talking. V caught up with us and then there was a third lady I started talking to along the course. She said she was going to pace with me and another lady did as well. So we just kept on trucking.

My my calves were on fire and starting to cramp up around mile and a half. I kept thinking, how on earth am I going to do this. I am so silly to think I could just up and do 4 miles. I have to keep going to help these ladies. And that last thought gave me the motivation to just trust my body and to listen to it and keep going. We walked then jogged back and forth doing intervals. Allowing all of us to not over do it. Around mile 2 my legs started to feel pretty good and 2.5 miles in they were finally warmed up and I felt like I could keep going and fly! I started to push my pace a little more and 2 out of the 3 ladies I had with me now were keeping up but V and her ankle were hurting. She said to keep going and we did. At some point I lost another of the ladies but me and one other were able keep on going and push each other.

I was shocked at how my body was feeling. I was breathing fine, and my legs were doing great. It felt like I had been running all along. It is amazing what the body can remember doing even after so long of a break. Mile 3.2 is the long downhill and I just let gravity take me and ran the whole way down. I caught up with one of my starting buddies at that time. She was just trucking along! As we approached the end, I had to take a 15 second little walk break and K who was my running buddy kept going. I sucked up the little bit of tiredness in my legs and just ran the last 1/4 mile to the end. Thankful to have actually finished with doing as much running as I did. 59:53 is what I finished in. Last year I finished in 55 min so I was pretty pleased with myself. I knew I could have gone faster, but didn't want to risk injury and I had ladies that I was running with. It wasn't about me anymore it was about making sure they finished and crossed the finish line safely! And they did. I waited for V to make sure she was ok. She was fine until she stopped running and then the pain hit. Her knee was pretty banged up too but SHE FINISHED and that is what it is about people, just finish. It doesn't matter if you run the whole thing, walk or run/walk as long as you finish is the key!

Overall it was a great race. It wasn't too hot, it was humid but it was overcast the whole time! It was well organized and everyone I talked to had a great time. I love the field where the spectators watch and it allowed Mason to run around like the crazy 3 year old boy he is! I am looking forward to next years race and blowing my time out of the water!

I am so proud of all the women who ran for the great cause of supporting the University Of Virginia's Cancer Center Breast Care Program. And all the money that goes towards their research and care of the women. Donations are still being accepted. So if you would like to donate, click on the picture below and make a donation in support of me as the runner! EVER PENNY COUNTS!
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