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Friday, September 19, 2014

Yesterdays Little Adventure

Many of you saw the picture I posted on FB yesterday about me being in the hospital, yep the stinking hospital! Well here is the whole story!

Collin woke me up around 5:30am to feed and I got up to nurse him. As I sat up I had this sharp pain in my back and front, and actually going through me. It felt like I had a rod going through my body from my right sacrum to my lower abdomen. I fed Collin and just dealt with it. I went to the bathroom thinking it might be gas and tried to rub my belly. That didn't help. When I got back in bed I started shaking, violently and the pain became more intense. I called Matt and had him come home from work. I went and got in a scorching hot bath for about an hour, with the jets on to help massage the pain out. It didn't work.

We decided, since my sacrum was involved and doesn't really hold my adjustments very well that we should go to my chiropractor to see if it was just my hip severely out. We showed up without an appointment at 8:30 and they got me in as fast as possible. I was right that my hip was really out of place. The way I was getting up to nurse Collin was just not a good way for my body. So they readjusted me and got me back to normal. But I still had lower abdominal pain.

So we then decided to go to my Ob/GYN to check for an eptoptic pregnancy. In the car between the Chiropractor and my OB I started getting super hot! I had still be shaking and now had dizziness and nausea. I had just started my first cycle this month and the numbers were kind of adding up. Again we went there and they squeezed me in. (All the while Matt had both boys in the car! Such a trooper!) I got in there and they took my temp and I was 102.4. I saw the OB and he check me and no pregnancy but based off the exam and the fever he advised me to go to the ER now for possible appendicitis.

So off to the ER we went. They again checked my temp and it was holding strong at 102.4. I got back to my little suite and and was told I wasn't allowed to drink anymore water then the waiting began. Doc came in and did a small exam. He said I will need a CT scan to check the appendix to see if it is in fact inflamed. He said that in the past when people came in with my symptoms that they just went straight in for surgery but not anymore. They might not know exactly what the appendix is for but they try to keep it in you if they can.

So I got my lovely IV, ( I hate needles and IV. They make me squirm!) Along with anti-neasea and pain relief drugs. And shortly after that they had me drink this lovely HUGE 32 oz orange drink that tasted like tang and had to wait at least an hour before I could have the CT scan. Matt took the boys to the cafeteria and I got some rest while they were gone cause the small dose of morphine knocked me out! After Matt got back we called a friend to help with Mason. She came and picked him up and so we just had Collin with us and he just slept the rest of the time. Not sure if he got some of the morphine or not but he was so good. (He usually is!)

Finally it was time for the scan and then more waiting as we waited for the results. Doc came in and said that I looked normal. All the organs look fine and they couldn't see what was causing the pain. He said, "Well, we know what it isn't." He advised me to go home and rest and if it got any worse to come back in. I was told to take some Ibuprofen. While I was in the hospital my fever went away and by the time we got home though it was back in full force!

I told Matt that if I have to go back for them not to give me any morphine because we don't know if that helped reduce the size of my appendix if that truly was the problem or not. Anyhew we picked up Mason and a friend brought us dinner, so nice of her and I rested the rest of the night. I woke up completely soaked in sweat 3 times during the night. Matt even changed the pillow case because it was so soaked. I think my high fever finally broke around 4am.

Today I still have lower abdominal pain but it isn't as bad as yesterday. I feel week and just out of it. Even if it wasn't appendicitis it was something. I wouldn't have had that high of a fever for nothing. (I don't know the last time I ever had a fever that hight!) Oh, the doc did say that my white blood count was high so my body is fighting something. So I am taking it easy today. Probably won't do the ab workouts for the next few days to let that get better. I have a nice little bruise where the IV was, plus where they did the first stick for the IV that didn't work. I am keeping an eye on it and how I feel. I pray it doesn't get any worse. But I sure would love to know what caused it or what not. I have changed my eating (way more healthy) and am doing a different workout but I seriously doubt that that is what caused me to spike a seriously high fever!

It was not that respiratory thing that is going around. I have no cough, or breathing issues. It was purely lower abdominal pain! So there is the story. My little adventure!
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