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Friday, September 26, 2014


Finally! I am so excited to announce that after 90 days, our house is officially SOLD! I haven't talked about it much but this has been such a cause of stressfulness over the last few months.

We were renting out the house and our tenant decided that they were ready to be done with the house. After they were removed from the house, I spent a good solid week doing work on the house. I was there filling nail holes from the numerous pictures and other installations they hung on the walls. I spent a day painting pretty much the whole house. Then we had the cleaners come and clean the house and the carpets. Had some work done on the kitchen tile and such. About 2 weeks from when all this was done we got a contract on the house and today we close!

I have been so nervous that something bad was going to happen, not pass inspection or have some major thing to fix. But we passed with only superficial things that needed to be checked. I was concerned about the appraisal amount because the area has some lower priced homes in it, but nope we were good there too! And then of course this week, no appointment for closing yet. No scheduled time for us or the buyers. But finally yesterday, I called and confirmed that we and the buyers are good to go. Title paperwork done, loan paperwork received. Now we just need to sign on the numerous dotted lines!

Now that this is really happening, it is kind of bittersweet. This was our first home we owned. Mason spent his first year and a half here. His first steps and learning sliding down the stairs backwards. My gardens that I planted. But the cool thing is, these are memories I will never forget. It is just a house that we made a home and we have a new home now with all new memories in them. We are thankful that our tenant was in the house as long as they were and the time they left was a good one for us because we were able to post the house on the real estate market in peak time, even with competition from our next door neighbors house. Out of 3 homes for sale on our street ours was the first under contract and to close.

We are feeling very blessed and so thankful for this burden to be lifted from us. I feel like we can finally plant both feet firmly here in C-ville as we are now going to be single home, homeowners again! YEA! for blessings and for the people who are buying such a great home, filled with lots of love and memories!
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