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Monday, September 22, 2014

September Week 3 Recap

It is here! Finally here! Season and series premier season! YEA! I love this time of year when my favorite shows come back on. So that is what I am looking forward to this week! I will tell you my weekly line up next week but I am excited about the return of Once Upon A Time!

Back to last week. The dreaded hospital week I am now calling it. It killed my workouts for the week, but that didn't mean I had to eat poorly! The week started out great. Mason, Matt and Collin were all done with their whatever sickness they had and I felt really strong. I pushed starting my 21 Day Fix back a day so that all the junk food was out of the house on Monday. (Had to go through and purge a couple of things) Tuesday came and I KILLED it in my workout! I had pure muscle fatigue. I was exhausted and it took 4 days for my legs to not be sore anymore! (Don't you love those kinds of days?) Wednesday happened and I did my workout with my hubs which was awesome and a little intimidating but still awesome to see him huff and puff as much as I was! Then Thursday. If you don't know what happened click here and I talk all about it. Friday, and Saturday I had planned on working out but Matt advised against it because I still had a fever and other flu like symptoms come at me. So I took them as rest days, but I was fully planning on working out those days. So they were recovery days for me and Sunday was the first day since Wednesday that I felt normal again. Matt and I decided it would be best to restart my 21 days today. So that is where we are at.

Sunday we went to our old church in Louisa to say hi to our old friends! And spent the afternoon at my friend's house to let the kiddos play and tire them out!

We have some awesome news that I will share soon but don't want jinx it quite yet. Yep it is pretty awesome!

I am just glad that I am feeling better though. Still not sure what was wrong with me. We think it was a super slow moving virus that first gave me the super high fever then went and attacked other areas of my body. But back at it today and I am so not really looking forward to the many surrenders I will be doing today though. Man, they burn out my legs fast! (21 Day Fix day 1 workout: Total Body Cardio Fix)

Workout Recap: 
Sunday: rest
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Total Body Cardio Fix
Wednesday: Upper Body Fix
Friday: rest and recovery
Saturday: rest and recovery
Sunday: rest

This weeks goals:
~Do all my workouts. That is 7 days because for the next 21 days I am committed!
~Continue to eat clean. Even though I didn't get all my workouts in and had almost a full day where I didn't eat, but got pumped full of fluids, I have still lost weight because I cut the crap and am eating clean. down 3.2 lbs!
~Get 2 more rooms in my house clean. I am working on doing a Fall cleaning in the house right now and we did the guest room and Mason's room this weekend (you do not want to know how many fuzzies from his old sheepskin blanket and goldfish were under his bed!). So this week is the nursery and our bedroom that needs to be spruced up!

QOTD: What did you do this past week that was the most memorable??? Do you do a fall deep cleaning (dusting, scrubbing and cleaning baseboards)?

ALSO: If you would like to join my 21 Days to Great Online Health group, this Friday (9/26) is the last day that I will accept people for this month's group. Fill out the form below and let me know if you want to join! Any workout routine accepted! You know you wanna! THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Get in shape now and eat better now so you don't have to work so hard during the holidays!

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