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Monday, September 8, 2014

September Week 1 Recap

~So in love~
Happy Anniversary to us! It has been our anniversary weekend so we have been busy, busy, busy! And this week has been no less busy. I am still trying to find the happy balance of being a mom of 2, doing all my household chores and teaching. Let's just say, I have a very large pile of clean clothing that needs to be sorted and hung up/put away. At least I got the laundry clean though! 

We had an extra family day this week, thanks to Labor Day. Matt's fav tradition is to watch the Married With Children Labor Day episode and laugh the whole way through, eat beans with chips for lunch and of course follow in Al Bundy's steps in grilling! We didn't get to grill, it was just too hot, so we let 5 Guys do that for us. Yea for me not having to cook.

We also took the afternoon to go grocery shopping together, which is being a weekly occurrence for us. My new fav place that I am figuring out, TRADER JOE'S! They really have everything there that we need but in their own brand and the prices are always great! And they have good organic food. So it allows me to get the clean organic food I want and at a price that I can live with.

The rest of the week was full of me being with the boys and teaching. I love teaching. I have such eager students that are craving to learn about music and are so devoted in their practicing.

They have made a commitment to themselves to practice everyday. Why is it so hard for me to get that same drive in working out most days??? ARGH! I am still pushing play and exercising but I feel like I am dragging and I am starting to notice that I am making excuses. Is it cause the numbers on the scale aren't going down? Or the fact that I still like to eat food I shouldn't, cupcakes for my anniversary, maybe...But still I made this commitment to myself and I need to PUSH PLAY! Tomorrow I am announcing my next project! check it out because I got working out down I just need to get my eating in check too!

Workout Recap:
Sunday: rest, much needed rest after the race!
Monday: PiYo Upper Define & 1.5 mile walk with kiddos - YEA!
Tuesday: Sweat - this day it was like pulling teeth to do it!
Wednesday: Lower Define
Thursday: PiYo Core
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest- out all day for my anniversary

Week 2 of September Goals: Running! Adding running back into the mix. I know for sure on Saturday I am going to go running in the morning! YEA! But now I need to fit it in during the week too! How and where???
~12 years later, Still in love and now have 2 beautiful kids~
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