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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy 4 Months Collin

~It's football season! GO Arizona Sate University Devils!~
Here we are at another month update! 4 months! This kid is just growing way too quickly and I wish most days that it would just slow down. I love how cute and cuddly he is and how such a great baby he is. He has been doing so well in so many areas. Learning to grab at toys now, coo a ton and man his belly laugh is just to die for! 
I found out that he LOVES to be bounced. He just laughs and giggles and just is such a happy baby. We are saying he loves it so much from being bounced in my belly while I was running. 
He loves music. If I am feeding a a song comes on or Mason is too close with his tablet and they are singing a song, Collin will stop nursing and watch and listen until that song is DONE! Super cute! 

He hasn't rolled over yet in this past month (He has since he turned 4 months but that is next month's news!) 
He can't get enough of his Daddy either. We often take lunch to Matt and whenever Matt goes to Collin's side of the car and Dad says hi Collin just starts talking and cooing and smiling to daddy. It is very cute. He does things with daddy that he doesn't do with me. So that is interesting to see. He has gotten a lot better with daddy when I am teaching. He just lets daddy cuddle him and is just as quiet and patient as can be. 

Collin loves his big brother. Anytime Mason comes over with or without the tablet, Collin watches. Always watching brother, and dog for that matter. 
Sleep has been good until just a week before he turned 4 months. Collin got his first sickness and was waking up 2-3 times a night. I was not used to that so it has been hard on me. 3 weeks later he is still doing it so I am wondering if my lovely 12 hour a night baby is gone and I have a baby that likes nursing at 2am on the dot everyday now. It doesn't matter. I still love this kid. I love sleep but this is what it is like being a mommy. Taking care of our young no matter what! 
Tummy time has gotten so great with Collin. He is a champ at it and I am trying to play up down with him when he does it (I go up he goes up, I go down he goes down). He likes that a lot he just loves attention.

OH and can we say, he sure is a healthy kid! He is getting rolls everywhere. I love this age where they are just fat on milk! And I am making that milk and couldn't be prouder of that fact! He is such a wonderful and quiet content baby. I can't believe how perfect he is and I celebrate everyday I can be with him, cause he is sure a cute little guy! I found a nick name for him by the way. I call him Jabba. for Jabba de Hutt. I like to play with his belly, tickle it and I always say, "Jabba, Jabba, Jabba." when I do so he is my little Jabba! Not sure how this nickname will be when he is older and rail thin like his Daddy but for now it is very appropriate! 
~cute arm rolls!~

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