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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My PiYo Review and Results!

Day 60 has come and gone for me on PiYo already! First off, that was a fast 60 days. Secondly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! PiYo is fairly easy to follow! There are really only a few moves that I really struggled with but with time I was able to figure out what modifications I should make that fit me.

Example: I used Yoga blocks instead of a chair to get a further stretch and to learn how to use more upper body strength for some of the moves like 3 point balance Crouching crow. It is a little scary on the blocks though because they wobble with me and are not stable so make sure you have a good strong foundation of your own balance before you go for a harder modification!

Downward dog split and with open hip is still my least favorite positions. I can't lift my leg very high, um cause I am having to do the splits while my head is hanging down and such, but I noticed that I was able to hold the pose longer each time I did it. (Which is in almost every workout!)

Favorite positions: Child's pose, cause it is a rest position. Pigeon has always been my fav too because it just stretches the IT band like nothing else. I could sit in that position all day long because it is that nice and wonderful. Even when I lean and stretch into it more it is more wonderful. And surprisingly I have really learned to love and see downward dog not as a hard position but truly as a rest position. Which it should be. I have learned to trust my body and put most of the weight on my legs and not on my shoulders and wrists. By shifting my body and making my legs hold more weight (meaning, I just ground my legs more and keep them tight and flexed) I can hold that position much longer and comfortably.
RESULTS:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY PICTURES! In the 60 days I did not lose any weight. I actually gained 1.7 muscle. How do I know it was muscle, because I lost inches. Which means that I lost fat. I lost 8.5 inches to be exact! YEA! With that said, working out is hard. And even I hit a point where I wanted to do something different (check out the new Beachbody On Demand All Access Pass where you get access to over 40 FULL workout programs and bonus materials plus new workouts when they are released too!), but I had committed to doing this and only this for 60 days. Did I workout every day? No. I did miss some workouts and that obviously hindered my results. But I worked out most of the time and still got great results. And this is why I am moving on to 21 day fix. I have the workout stuff done but the eating is what I am having a hard time with.

How Hard is PiYo: I felt that PiYo was great for me because I was already used to most of the moves used in it. I did prenatal yoga for 30 weeks while pregnant and I often got to work one on one with my yoga instructor so she helped me know and get better with the positions. I have heard from other people that they are having a hard time with PiYo. You will sweat. Your arms will ache. You butt will burn and your core will hurt. Just because you aren't using weights doesn't mean you aren't burning a ton of calories! I promise you that if you listen to Chalene and do as she instructs you, you will get better. I know I am more flexible than I was before. I can't do the splits but I am able to stretch deeper at the end of workouts. It is just easier to fold over! My back no longer hurts and I know when I am using my core because it is stronger and I can feel it. I really do recommend this program to runners because it will help to lengthen and strengthen you hamstrings and core! I felt pretty good after my race, which I did not really run for training. I was doing this and I survived and felt strong finishing!
Oh Chalene, you're so funny!: I really loved all the inspirational things that Chalene says during the videos. Some of them just make me start to laugh and help get me past the discomfort I am feeling. Example: "Feel that! That's like an epidural. Your leg is as numb as an epidural. Ok let's get the feeling back in your leg! SQUAT!" "Best revenge on anyone is looking amazing!" and last "DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT!" (She says that a lot!) Oh and when you get child's pose you are supposed to say "Thank you!" Which you will do after awhile without even thinking of it because it just feels so good to rest!

Final thoughts: PiYo is great. It will help you tone up your arms and legs because you are using them doing mini squats a lot and holding up your own body weight. You will get more flexible too as long as you push yourself. It just takes some time to master the moves and I will honestly be using the workouts again in my rotation of workouts because they really are that great! My favs, Buns and Core!

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