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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Running Tips and Tricks: Aches & Pains

Running is hard work! It really is. And often we find that our legs are sore or our back hurts, or man look at that BLISTER! These are common aches and pains from actually putting forth an effort at something that is physically challenging. Here are a few tips and tricks to help with those pesky aches and pains we get.

Leg soreness: There are different parts of your legs that will be sore or the whole leg will be sore but for me my shins/calf and my IT band area. After a run if your shins or calfs have been sore it is best to use the R.I.C.E. formula to help out.

Rest: take a break. It is ok to take a nap if you have to but make sure you rest after a run. Your body worked for you so it is time to work for your body and allow it some downtime!

Ice: Make sure you ice your legs or anywhere that it hurting. A bag of peas or a lunch ice pack is great but it can help with the swelling and can make your legs feel better.

Compression: Compression socks are the new fad around town. If you look at runners around town you will see most of them sporting socks that go up to their knees. No these are not the new fad in tube socks, well they might be, but more than likely they are compression socks. There are some super fun socks out there too. They help increase circulation in your legs and reduce lactic acid build-up. has some super cute compression running socks!
Elevate: Elevate your legs. Sometimes after running you might have some swelling. So while you are RESTING, ICING, prop your feet up on a pillow up on the couch. This is great! You are doing 3 things at once. My hubs know that when I get home that I will rest for about an hour before I really do anything, otherwise I crash and crash hard later in the day!

Massage: Some other ways to help your body out are massages! I love me a massage, I do! I go through my chiropractor's office and it is part of my physical therapy with chiropractic care and is covered by my insurance. Check with your insurance company for their own rules! But I was getting a massage a month while running and while pregnant. I try to get 1 massage a month. I also schedule a massage a few days after a race because I build up so much more lactic acid because I push myself harder during the race. So I have sore muscles and a lot needs to be worked on and it just feels so good!

Foam Roller: Invest in a foam roller trust me! They are amazing. They might hurt for the first little bit but they are awesome! I roll out my IT band to keep it loose and not too tight. I use a high density hard roller but there are soft rollers out, I just feel it so much more with the high density roller and man there are times I hate doing it but afterwards they are great. For foam roller exercises go here!
Prevention: The biggest thing that can help prevent aches and pains are a good pair of running shoes. A lot of people have aches and pains because they don't have the right running shoes. So find a local running store and get professional fitted for a pair of shoes. The store should look at your running style and how your foot falls and such to determine your shoe. And it might not always be the cutest shoes in the world. And that is ok. I would rather have the right foot ware over cute any day!

Hope this helps!

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