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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Can't Believe August Weather

I just can't get over how mild the weather has been in central VA this summer. (I am knocking on wood right now as I write this!) It has been such a mild summer that I am getting nervous as to what this winter will have for us. But still it has been amazing. The past 2 mornings have felt almost cold and perfect running conditions. The Saturday runs for the training program have all been amazingly tolerable, except for maybe 1. I just can't believe how amazing this "summer" has been.

I am looking forward to the fall, because it is my favorite season! I love running in the crisp morning air and see the fog hanging heavy on the grass in the mornings. I already told Matt that Saturday mornings are mine to go running so I am totally looking forward to that!

What season is your favorite to run in?
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