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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PiYo Week 4

This was a great week, a hard week but GREAT! I really am loving the PiYo workouts. I feel so strong but not too sore by the end of them or even the days after. Yes I am sore, but not as sore as I have been after other types of workouts. I really think that the flexibility training along with the strength training helps to keep the muscles stretched without getting tight.

I had 3 brand new to me workouts this week, Hardcore on the floor, Drench and Strength Intervals. Hardcore on the floor, it is the FREE BONUS WORKOUT DVD when you order PiYo through a coach like me. It was hard! Very hard. I think I prefer Core more because I pushed myself and had a hard time doing all the exercise. Drench lives up to its name. I will try to get a pix of me after drench, but this last week it was pretty bad and I had to go and shower pretty quick cause we had things to do. Strength Intervals made me feel like the biggest wuss in the world. I had to pull out of moves so quickly because it was just one right after another and my arms were still sore from the previous days. It was just one of those days I just didn't have it. But I still did it and pushed myself. Plus I think that I over did it in Hardcore on the Floor and my chest muscles have really been biting back at me! But here is the thing, I have room for improvement. And I will improve and I look forward to the day when I can finally do the routines and look back and see how far I have come!

Am I getting more flexible? Somedays I think yes, and somedays not sure. I know that I feel like I am and I feel like I am holding myself better in my core in general. I know that my back doesn't hurt as much and I sit up better when I am nursing Collin so I know that this is definitely helping me.

I will say this that I felt so strong this past Saturday when I did do some running. I felt so stable. My legs felt like they could carry me longer and better and I asked a lot out of them especially with the sprinting I did. My core was engaged and my chest was up and my breathing was on point! I am excited to see what I can really do at the race. Even though I haven't trained for the race as much as I would have liked to have I still know that I can do the race and finish it in a pretty decent time. I am aiming for about the same time I had last year. We shall see.

Would I recommend PiYo? Um, yeah! If you are looking for a low impact but serious strength training and stretching exercise then this is it for you. It really targets areas that I personally want to be stronger, ahem my butt and core oh legs and arms and shoulders. I really does it all. I think it is a gradual change though and I know it will lean out muscles. So if you are interested fill out the form below and LET ME KNOW! Even if you can't be in this PiYo test group I know that I will offer others. Let me your email so I can keep in contact with you!

But if you want to be in this group, let me know now! There are only a few spaces left!
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