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Friday, August 29, 2014

Race Day Prep

TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I'm gonna, try so hard, to noooottt hurt my-self! (you have to sing it to get it!)

Things not to do, run a race that you haven't trained for. OOPS! Well tomorrow is that day. I am going into a 4 miler race, COLD! I just haven't done it. I have helped out at the training and most of the summer I had Collin with me and when I was able to run other things happened that didn't allow me to do the full mileage. I have done max of 3 miles total in one run/walk this summer so to say that I am ill prepared for tomorrow, yeah!

But the great thing is, I am already in pretty decent shape. Yes, I might be bigger than all the other girls, and yes I did just have a baby, BUT training while pregnant was a major AWESOME thing I did, because my body remembers and craves to run. So I think I will be ok tomorrow. I knew I would be walking more than running in this race months ago and I was totally ok with it. Next year, I plan on blowing away my time from my first race (unless at that point I am pregnant again) But still I am not giving up. I love running and I still plan on doing it as often as I can! I have a plan coming up for Saturday long runs in September and I love running in Sept and Oct. The weather is so beautiful!

Couple of things to think about for today as it is the day before the race:

~Keep on hydrating! I talked about it yesterday but still cut out the other drinks and just do water. (not that I drink pop or other drinks all that much, well, except for milk. So no milk for me.)

~Disney has this huge Pasta in the Park event the night before their races, but that is just not the best thing to do before a race. Yes, it is widely known to carb load before a race, but it is only 4 miles. It is not a marathon. So if you do eat pasta tonight before the race don't over indulge. (Olive Garden's pasta dishes are enough pasta for 3 people. Know your portions.) You can probably go just a smidge over a cup of pasta but don't, don't, don't over do it! I personally am looking forward to my butternut squash soup tonight! YUM! (Thank you Whole Foods Market for awesome butternut squash soup)

~Lay all of your race clothing out tonight so you know where to find everything. It is an early call tomorrow and you will be excited. Don't want to risk leaving anything at home. So have your outfit, bib and a bag filled with what you will need for tomorrow.

~Also put out your kids clothing and hubs too, so that there is nothing to think about in the morning so you can try to sleep in as long as possible and not run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find everything tomorrow morning when you should be leaving!

~Plan on leaving early and arriving way before the cut off for the street to be closed. There will be traffic if you arrive too late. If they ask you to be there between 6-7 am be there by 6:30 so that they aren't in a huge rush to get everyone off the roads for the race to start.

~I already mentioned this but pack a bag of things you will need after the race. I pack an extra pair of socks and flip flops. Depending on how my feet feel post race I get to choose. The grass tomorrow will be damp so I will prob change my socks before I race so I don't have soggy feet when running (like last year) And the flip flops will be for after the race. Pack a towel and a change of shirt too if you want. (Me I'm brining a change of bra because nursing in a sports bra not made for nursing, almost impossible!) Sorry if TMI! For the 4 miler race, bring some chairs to sit in. So that you don't have to sit in the grass, unless you want to sit in the beautiful grass you can but we learned from last year, bring some chairs!

~Make sure you eat something tomorrow morning before you run and drink a glass of water before you leave the house. You need fuel for your body. You need water. A Banana is great. don't drink 24 ounces of Shakeology, unless you are used to doing that before a run of course, but just eat something small. Don't make your body work too hard by having to do 4 miles and digest a large breakfast. Snacks and fruit will be provided at the end of the race, and you can always bring your own snacks to munch on after the race too.

So there are my tips! Hope everyone has a safe race tomorrow. Rest today for tomorrow we will play! See you there!
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