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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy 3 Months To Collin

Collin turned 3 months old yesterday! He is getting so big, doesn't help that my arms are always sore from PiYo! He really is developing into a social little bug. He loves to coo and talk and just be super cute. He really likes to lay on the charm with his cubby little smile too!

He is such a great little baby! He did regress a little in the sleep dept. this past month. With the 3 month growth spurt he was waking up at 2am to feed. That only lasted for about a week and we are now back up to sleeping straight from about 9:30/10pm until 4am. Then he eats for about 30 min and is back out until 8am. He loves his afternoon nap and will pitch a fit at about 12:30 to go to sleep and is out until about 3:15. Then I have to feed him to get his belly full before my 2 hour block of teaching so he is a happy quiet baby while I am busy.

Mason really started to show jealousy towards Collin this month. He doesn't like being told to wait to do something or for me to do something for him until I am done feeding Collin. He will come up and growl at me and get angry. But then will just sit down and do something else but he is letting me know he isn't happy. He accidentally kneed Collin in the face this month too as he was climbing around, playing around on the bed when I had Collin laying down. It was an accident and he started crying when he understood her really hurt Collin, since Collin was screaming like a banshee! His hurt cry is so sad and scary sounding. So we are really working hard to give Mason his undivided individual time but also trying to teach him patience. It is something that he needs to learn. He often asks for water while I am nursing and I know he can do it himself he just wants me to do it. But I stick to my guns and ask him to either wait or do it himself. (he ends up doing it himself he just wants attention.) Dividing my attention between the two is being more and more difficult. So we are all learning right now!

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