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Thursday, August 28, 2014


2 days and counting down to my first postpartum race on SATURDAY! Today begins the 2 day of binge drinking! WATER THAT IS you silly people! I am not going to be over drinking water I am going to make sure that I am drinking the required amount of water for my body.

General rule of thumb to drinking the required amount of water is divide your weight in half and make that number into ounces and that is the minimum amount required. Plus if you workout and drink 8oz while working out, add an extra 8 ounces to replace the 8oz you sweat out. And since I am nursing, I have to drink even more water in general so I am drinking at least 150-200 ounces a day. It's a lot but I love my water and my body is used to it!

The biggest thing to not do before a race is to drink gallons of water leading up to a race. Because it can deplete our electrolyte levels prior to running, plus I don't want to feel squashy when running. The best thing we can do is just make sure that we cut out the other types of drinks, i.e. pop, sugar drinks, alcohol, and such. And replace those drinks with just water. It will keep us more hydrated and we will feel better the morning of the run.

So for the next 2 days, drink plenty of water, but not too much and cut out the other drinks.
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