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Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy 2 Months to Collin

Sorry this is so late, 2 weeks to be exact! But here is my little guy at 2 months old! CRAZY that it is already over 2 months. Time really does go by so quickly and because he is such a great baby I wish that time would just slow down! 
 So Collin is an amazingly great baby! He is so easy. He doesn't really cry, but when he does it is either a little whimper or it is his "SUPER PISSED OFF" cry! He loves to smile now and is starting to belly laugh.
 He gives his Momma and Daddy 8+ hours a night straight. He starts crying for food at 8pm and is out cold by 9 and won't make a sound until about 5 or 6. He loves to watch his big brother whenever he is around. And loves to make coos and all super cute sounds. Even his farts are cute at this point!
 He really does look so much like Mason it is scary sometimes but he is definitely a different demeanor. Such a laid back baby! I sure do love this kid so much. I am so thankful that I am his mommy! Such a miracle and such a blessing!
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