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Monday, August 11, 2014

PiYo Test Group

Ok, you have all seen me post about PiYo over the last few weeks! What do you think? Would you want to try it out too??? Guess what!?! You can! I'm going to be hosting an exclusive (meaning like 5 people only) PiYo test group in 2 weeks through Facebook!!!

~What is PiYo? It is a fusion between Pilates and Yoga while being a cardio work out. You are always moving so you are burning calories all the time!

~What benefit will I get from PiYo? A sweating cardio workout, every time! flexibility, flexibility and more flexibility!

~Can it really help me? Sure can. Are you a runner like me? Well it will help to loosen up your almost always tight hamstrings. It will strengthen your core  and it will give you the strength workout using your own body weight that we need to make us stronger.

~I have bad knees or wrists can I still do this? YES! Every move has a modification to it. You wrists will get stronger every week, I had weak wrists before and they are doing great!

~Can I actually lose weight? YES YOU CAN! Because it is a cardio workout you are burning a ton of calories. AND When you pair it with Shakeology you will lose even more, plus combat those cravings and get all the vitamins you need in a day!

~I don't have time to work out. YES YOU DO! Most of the workouts are 25 min or less! You don't need hours worth of exercise because of the power moves you are doing and you are constantly moving (you can drop to a rest position at any time to recover thought) so you are burning a ton of calories!

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! PiYO is AMAZING! I love it. It is a ton of fun and as a nursing mother I have had no back pain since about a week into the program because my core is tightening up. I have been more flexible and my hamstrings are not as tight as they were. My muscles have been sore though because I am working them but seriously this is a great workout. I am on my 4th week this week and will have pictures posted next week, but I am losing more and more inches every week! I feel better in my clothing! Please think about this, let me know if you have any questions because this program is truly awesome! Click here for more info on PiYo and send me an email with more questions or to reserve your spot!


  1. I'm interested... but not ready to jump in with both feet. How would the test group work?

    1. The test group is based out of Facebook. It would be you and others that are trying out PiYo for the first time or many times. The group provides you with support from me and the others in the group. Think of us as your workout buddies! And we all know that if we have a buddy there we are more likely to succeed! I have also found that it has helped changed my way of thinking about health and fitness while I am changing my physical body at the same time.

      There is usually a question with an assignment, like name your goals or what do you want to achieve out of this, and then other motivational posts during the day.

      PiYo is still relatively new in the Beachbody community so all of you guys doing the program really are being the testers of it!

      There is currently a casting call asking for people to submit their before pictures and such for a chance to go out to be on the infomercial commercial! (Only a few more days left to enter!)

      It really is a great program. Right now there is free shipping (not sure how much longer they will offer the free shipping) and a free extra DVD to go with it. Make sure you go to my Team Beachbody page and click on the JOIN button to join my team to make sure you get the DVD!

      I know you will love it!


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