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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Race Is Finished!

The women's 4 miler was AMAZING! There were so many women there running it was such a neat experience to be apart of. I have learned how to weave and bob through women like a pro! I did really well but looking back I probably should have pushed just a little bit harder. But the humidity and "soup" like conditions were not favorable for me! It zaps my energy and makes it hard to breath easily. I just feel like every breath takes so much just to fill up. I cough a ton after those kinds of conditions later in the day too! Anyhew, my legs don't hurt, my feet do because they got wet before we started running. I will say this, I love my run keeper app on my phone because it has been keeping track of my running time. This month alone I went from a 14:30 min mile to 13:30 min mile. So I am getting better and I love seeing the results of all my hard work!
~Foggy, humid morning~
It was fun a lot of my friends were on the other side of the street running back to the finish line before my second turn around yelling my name as we passed. They are all such amazingly fast runner! And are my inspiration to keep no moving my feet!

The last mile of the race is considered motivational mile which has posters lining the road of cancer survivors or for those who have passed. Sadly the last mile I get tunnel vision to FINISH THE RACE and just get in that zone to get back. But before the we had to line up and we were lined up right in the motivational mile. It was really neat to see who we were running for and for the great cause we were running for. (How do you like my pink top?)

Excited to run again next year! This is only the beginning! Oh and one thing. I did get a little too much sun, just slightly pink but man my freckles are so dark after today! I will get a pix of my amazingly awesome racer back freckle line, I mean tan line! :)
 ~Running buddies and Sarg T (Rainbow skirt) who keeps us moving! and Pacing group lineup! A SEA of Women!~~
QOTD: What is your favorite post race activity? Mine is napping!
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