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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planning Ahead

The race that got me actively running, (and yes it was all because of the awesome training program I was apart of), will be here and gone this Saturday. So what's next? I started looking online for other races. Maybe another 5k, whatever sounds fun. (I found a Danger! Zombies Run race which sounds like a blast!) But then I saw a beautiful 10k! Which is a couple of weeks before the Zombies Run race. Both races take place in and around the same area so I am debating on not doing the Zombies Race this year. Anyhew, I want to push myself, challenge myself and do something that keeps me moving forward! I asked the amazing pink lady that "suggested" (over and over, though to her credit it is what I needed) last night if this was something I could do. She pointed out that it is only 2.2 miles more than what I am currently running. (Less than that since we have done 4.5 miles a few times now) What is just a mere 2.2 miles more at this point?

Looking at my twitter and Facebook there are so many people running races this weekend! The big DUMBO race is happening at Disneyland! Good luck to all the runners! Soon I will be there with you smiling and laughing as I run through the happiest place on earth!

So here's to me planning ahead! (I am even thinking about doing the Richmond half marathon in Oct) Check out my races tab to see what I have done and what is in the works for me! Hmmm... maybe a disney full marathon, or a few more half marathons. Maybe the Tinker bell 1/2 at Disneyland AND the Disney Princess 1/2 at Disney World and get the coast to coast medal! Maybe even the Marines Corps
Marathon in DC or The biggest loser races! Man there are so many to choose from!!!

QOTD: What is your dream race or distance?
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