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Monday, August 19, 2013

Rainy Days

It is so hard to roll out of bed sometimes when it is just dark and cloudy and rainy. Do I really want to go to the gym today? It is just my recovery day. My bed is so warm! These are the things I think on a rain day like today. We as humans are naturally lazy. We really are. It is hard work pushing our bodies and minds to physically push itself beyond where it is comfortable which is a somewhat inactive state. But on days like today, especially since I don't have to do my training run, and shouldn't it is still a great day to work on thighs and do a little light cardio. It is only for an hour or so. Then we can rest the rest of the day. We can do it!!! So lets roll out of bed and lets get going! See you on the flip side!

QOTD: How do you motivate yourself to roll out of bed on gloomy days?


  1. So I am strange, but I see a cloudy, drizzly day and think "this is great running or walking weather!" I absolutely love to run in the rain. Torrential downpours aren't great, but when it's cloudy and sprinkling I know I'm going to be nice and cool on my run and it will be great. In fact on Monday, I ran with the Officer Basic Course at the JAG School and we ran some brutal hills, but they were SO much easier because it wasn't the normal oppressively hot day. Then when I'm finished I get to take a long hot shower as my reward!

    1. I have only been able to run while it is actually raining, once! And it was just a light little spitting of rain that it was more teasing than anything. The weather was cooler but very humid. One day I look forward to running in a down pour just to see what it is like. Now that seems just fun!


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