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Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Day Soreness

You know you worked it when you are still sore, actually more sore, 2 days after a good run or exercise! I might complain to my husband that I hurt. I might take it a little slower going up and down the stairs but man it sure does feel good. I know good things are happening in my body when I have second day soreness. That means that I pushed myself. My body is saying, "What the heck was that!" Well body get used to it because 10 miler/ half marathon training will begin soon! I do know that my muscles will get stronger and I will grow more accustom to what I am doing because of it. Here is a great and fun read on DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). To help prevent DOMS Beachbody Recovery (post workout shake) and Recharge (nighttime recovery shake), part of the the Beachbody Performance Line, work together to help reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle repair and recovery. Plus there are some foods you can eat to help accelerate recovery? Check out Muscles Zone's great article here on some top foods you can eat!

Today, I'm going to do in home exercise. Maybe my Zumba DVD or a 2-3 mile walk DVD. Mason is still sick and therefore can not go to the gym childcare. GRRR! It is also taper week before the race. But I must keep moving today so that my soreness goes away!

QOTD: Do you reduce your exercise due to second day soreness?
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