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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pre-Race Jitters

I don't know about you but the night before, and my friend J can testify of this, but I always have bad dreams about me getting lost on the course, being late and missing the start up, questioning of I have everything I need, or being last. I am hoping that tonight that doesn't happen to me since I feel so well prepared for tomorrow! I really do. I know I can do it. My concern now is how humid is it going to be because that just zaps all the energy out of me. But I am assuming that with 3,028 other women running that there will be plenty of energy!

As J has told me before, I won't get lost on the course. Because there are 3,028 other women there running. It will also be marked so no worries there.

I have already set my alarm for 5:30am so that we can leave here around 6am and get to Foxfield area by 6:30. I am pretty sure it is going to be super foggy, because it was this morning. So allowing time to drive in fog is a must!

The pink ladies keep telling us on Facebook to lay out our clothing and everything we need the night before so that tomorrow morning we aren't scrambling to get everything! So my todo list for tonight is: PINK shirt with bib pinned on, bra bottoms, socks, shoes, W4MTP bracelet, towel, water, flip flops to change out of running shoes after, change of shirt for after (so I don't get fried since I am allergic to sun screen, more freckles are one thing but getting super burned, not fun!) iPod and headphones, icy hot,
and snacks for Mace and Matt while they wait at the finish line area to cheer me on. I think that is it.

Being last. WHO CARES IF I AM LAST! At least I finished the race and did it. I will hobble, crawl or drag myself to the finish line if I have to! I ain't quitin'! But like I said I feel prepared and I know that I will make it across the finish line exactly as I should and in a time acceptable. At least I am doing it. Again if I told myself a year ago that I was doing this than I would have laughed (and snorted) so hard! But I am so glad that I am doing this.

SO today is HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and here is to happy dreaming tonight, an early rise tomorrow and an amazingly fun time with 3,028 other women racing for a great cause!
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