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Friday, August 23, 2013

Squat Day Today

Poor Mace is sick. Not horribly sick but enough so that he can't go to the daycare at the gym, which makes me not able to go to the gym during normal times. And Friday evenings are family days here. Movie and going out type dinner. Usually we get dinner to go but today we ate out at our fav Mexican Restaurant! So no gym for me today (and yesterday for that matter).

So I decided that today was going to be a squat kind of day. I think I need more leg strength to get up all the hills because I just putter out half way on the hill. Run out of gas. (If anyone has any advice on how to conquer these hills better besides just do it let me know. currently I am running shorter distances on them walk a little then jog up a little more. Still learning here!) Today I decided I would do 4 sets of 25 squats during the day. I have 1 set left to go. I'm still doing something which is more than I was doing 3 months ago! Wanna join me???

QOTD: What is your go to indoor exercise when unable to go to the gym?
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