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Monday, August 8, 2016

Cut The Negativity From Your Life

NEVER LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE DULL YOUR SPARKLE! And it really is ANYTHING! Read something positive for 10 minutes every single day of your life to help you battle against this negative prone world we live in. It can be your shield to protect you from outside influences that might make you upset or frustrated. I highly recommend reading a positive and uplifting book. Check out You Are A Badass.

There are times that even our own internal thoughts can be negative too! How many times have you tried to do something but your mind said "Nope, you can't do that. You aren't good enough." Even today I had to talk myself up, telling myself that I was worth what I do. I am of worth and that I matter. If you need a good book to help you cut the negativity from your brain, check out: Mastering Your Mean Girl. I just ordered it and I can't wait to read it!
Taking it a step further. There is so much negativity going on around us each and every day. Look at your Facebook feed. Yes there can be a lot of positive stuff but there is also a ton of negativity stuff sprinkled in there too. I honestly try to avoid anything that is negative. Politics (can't stand all the stuff so I don't comment, read or pay attention to it at all!) Negative vents from people, negative or bad images like super unrealistic images of unobtainable weight loss goals. You name it, if it makes me feel like crap, really try hard to avoid it. 

If you have someone in your friend list that is always posting negative things, you can block from seeing their stuff on your main feed. Just click on the upper right corner with the dropdown arrow and click UNFOLLOW... You will still remain friends but their stuff won't appear on your main feed! EASY PEASY! Don't dull your sparkle with all the negativity around you! You are better than that!

Remember that you are worth so much more than you know and not to let the negativity of things all around you impact your own self worth or actions. Be that light for others that need it in their lives. Shine as brightly as you can. There are going to be days, where you just have those negative feelings, and that is totally normal. But just remember, you are worth it. You are worth ALL OF IT! SPARKLE! 

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