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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bump Update: 36 Weeks

This past Saturday we had the baby shower. It was so great and so much fun. And I had the chance to perform my original song on the piano, A Mother's Hope, for all the ladies that attended! I wrote it last year after my miscarriage and it is about a hope for the future to raise a child that was lost through miscarriage. Honestly, I think it is the best one yet I have written. (Bet you didn't know I wrote music. Now you do!) Anyways, it was just really special to share that with the ladies and seemed appropriate so I did. Because of the kindness and generosity of our friends Elyse is going to be one fashionable baby!   
We also started school for Mason yesterday so that has been a big transition for our family. Getting used to new routines, new schedules. Getting everyone up and ready to go early and such. So it has been a pretty big week for us, PLUS hitting 36 weeks. Just doesn't seem possible that my due date is only 4 weeks away. Seems so far away but it isn't! 
Total Weight Gain: Gained 24.6 pounds total. Weight as of this morning 262.3 pounds. 

Symptoms: Smaller appetite, eating smaller meals throughout the day. Having to "go" a lot since she is head down. Hard time sleeping. Waddling and lower back soreness like nothing else! Man at the end of the day my back is just killing me! Oh and by the end of the day my feet and ankles are starting to swell a little. I blame having to walk and wait in the heat for the bus to arrive! ;) 
Baby’s Size: LARGE cantaloupe (~19-22 inches, 6 pounds- GOODNESS!)
Maternity Clothes: Yes, bottoms need to wear maternity or stretchy pants. Tops I wear maternity now and my bigger t-shirts but those are starting to get tight now. Wearing my new Fabletics sports bra in these pictures and LOVE THEM and the fun colors! A ton more coverage and super comfy!
Stretch Marks: I already have a ton that I got when I gained weight years ago. I think I am getting some new ones or my old was are just being stretched up higher on my belly. No bright purple ones just the faded white ones. I am using Honest Company belly balm right now though to help my belly stretch so I do not get any new ones. I apply it at night and right after I get out of the shower. 
Belly Button: Innie! I never had my belly button flatten out or pop out during my other 2 pregnancies, but this might be the one that I do! Every week it is getting closer! But you can see how much of an innie I have!

Braxton Hicks Contractions: I am getting them throughout the day now, many times a day. Including some strong ones that kind of make me stop and take a breath. I get two different kinds. Upper belly and lower belly, but never at the same time. (that would be labor!) Upper BH are generally caused by exercise and getting up and down too much and just a reminder to slow down and drink water. The other kind I am getting are lower belly ones that really take my breath away. I only get a couple of them a day, not as frequent as the others but these, yeah, remind me more of actual labor pains. They just happen when they want to happen!
Gender: GIRL!!! So excited about all the cute stuff we got for her! We have her coming home outfit and her picture props! So girly, and way too cute!
Sleep: I need to take a nap every day but I haven't been this week. And I am waking up many times a night to go to the bathroom or trying to get comfy. (If you see me make a comment on FB or IG at 2am this is why!) I am still getting up at night at 11:30pm, 1:30am, and 3:30am, 5:30 without fail. Always around 9pm for about an hour she likes to put on a show and be super active! 
Miss Anything: Sleeping comfortably flat on my back! Sleeping through the night. 
Cravings: Veggies and Comfort food like pasta and cereal. I want veggies and I want easy comfort food. 
Aversions: Sweets taste too sweet for me, so I can only handle a little at a time. I guess that is my only aversion and kind of good!
Excited About: 4 weeks until my due date. Tomorrow I have my doctor checkup and will be able to hear her heartbeat. But I think it is the start of exams... Also tomorrow is my chiropractor appointment, so I can get my back taken care of which will be nice! 

Workouts: Pretty well for this week! I got in 5 days of regular workouts this past week. I'm really enjoying, COUNTRY HEAT! I am trying to dance this baby out! If you are interested in joining BUSY MOM'S DANCE PARTY just click on the link to request to join and I will get in touch with you with all the details! My regular Workouts include: 21 Day Fix yoga & pilates Beachbody On Demand Active Maternity and Diary Of A Fit Mommy's Fit For Two 2nd Trimester workouts in daily. 
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