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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kindergarten Lunch Ideas

I am really trying to give Mason healthy foods when he goes to school. Last year in preschool, he ate the same exact thing every single day. PB & J, chips, grapes. I was actually told by his teacher to stop packing carrots because he would have such a breakdown about having to eat his veggies and he hated them. Yes I was TOLD to stop packing any veggies. They just didn't want to deal with the drama any more.
This morning I sat down with Mason and asked him what foods he would enjoy with his lunch. He helped me pick out every item on this list and he seems really excited about most of it. Not the pinwheels, but trying to make them fun for him so that he will want to eat them. You guys this is a constant battle with us trying to get Mason to try new foods. But I will let his teachers deal with it and try my best here at home to have him eat more things. One thing, I have failed in, is that I became a short order cook for him. Making him his own meals because I knew he wouldn't even try. But after talking with his doc last month, she said, NO MORE! That he needs to learn to eat what everyone else eats. And it is just setting a not good example for his siblings. Collin will eat anything at this point and I am thankful for that!
Anyhew, I am going to stick with the pinwheels and try different flavors to see if Mason will ever like them. I found these cute ideas on BuzzFeed for 23 Pinwheel Snacks! What do you do for your picky eaters to get them to eat more variety?

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