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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Easy DIY Decorating For Baby Showers

This past Saturday we had a baby shower to celebrate Elyse's upcoming arrival. We had such a great time but one of the really fun things that we did was DECORATE THE HOUSE! And to save money we used the clothing that we already had on hand. So, I have been collecting girl clothing for the past 4 years. Yes, 4 years. I knew we were going to be having a girl at some point, I didn't think it would take 4 years but it did. I just kept all the clothing in the back of a closet where I didn't have to look at it often and just let it build up. I didn't have a lot but we had some. (I did get most of it last year just before the miscarriage happened.) We were also given donated clothing from other moms of girls that had outgrown the clothing. So we used that too! We got lots of compliments on how cute the clothing was and everyone enjoyed seeing all the cute designs out there now.

So check out how to make easy, super cute, decorations for a baby shower.

What I did: 

-Bought some twine and double looped it so that it was thick enough to handle clothing being hung from it.

-I used the clear small command strips and attached them to the wall. Most were already up since we use them to decorate for christmas or other holidays!

-I ended up getting the clothing pins on line because I couldn't find them at Target, after doing 1.3 miles across the store being sent from one end to other by the reps there.

-Then we just got the clothing we had and hung it up!

-Pick a special outfit and hang it as a MAIN decoration. We used Elyse's coming home outfit (Worth The Wait by Mamabijou) hanging from the fireplace mantel which is where the guests put their gift.

We also used fresh flowers in the room that had the food, just to add a pop of color. And color coordinated table clothes for easy clean up! And the balloons were more for the boys to play with! But easy decorating.

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