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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

RunDisney Virtual Race Short Challenge

Well, we did it. Remember when I was working really, really hard to get a nightly walk in for our family. Well, the reason why, because we were trying to earn our RunDisney Virtual Race Medals! I had a goal in mind, I wanted my boys to do it with me as much as possible! I wanted my boys to get their energy out before bed but I also wanted them to be excited about walking. And when these medals arrived last week and I told them that they also EARNED the medals along with me, they were overjoyed! So EXCITED!

So...we didn't do 3.1 miles in 1 day 3 times. (We did the whole challenge of 3 5k's races) We broke it up into 7 days. (I had to do a day by myself!) Doing about 1 mile a day. But we did it! So it was doable for us. And it was before it got SO SUPER HOT here. So perfect timing. Was it comfortable walking weather for a pregnant momma in the middle of her second trimester? NO it was still hot, but it wasn't unbearable 95+ degree weather like it was for most of July!

So the virtual short races were from May 15-June 30. allowing 2 weeks to complete each leg of the challenge. RunDisney said on their blog: that you complete from whatever course you choose – through your neighborhood, on the treadmill, etc. No rules and really what this is encouraging is people to get up and MOVE! EXERCISE! And have some fun. And as a reward you get these AMAZING AND SUPER CUTE MEDALS! I love that I have a whole set of new real metal medals to add to my collection, and I EARNED THESE! It might not have been as difficult as earning my Princess Half Marathon medal but, hey, getting out in the heat with your family, encouraging a healthy lifestyle of walking together as a family was worth it! I am pretty sure that RunDisney will continue doing these virtual races. Do you think you would participate in any of them? 
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