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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Closet Organization Storage Tips For Kids

Do you have a small nursery space, but a decent sized closet? Or just don't want to use a dresser for your older kids because of the tipping dangers (IKEA!) We choose NOT to go with a dresser option for our family before Mason was born. We actually have an open book shelf instead and I use that to store diapers, wipes, some books, and blankets for the baby.

As far as storage areas for clothing I opted to get this Closet Organization system through ONE STEP AHEAD which you can customize for your needs. It is nice to be able to just close the closet doors and everything is put away in its place! We ordered a full set for Mason when he was born, 2- 6 shelfs, 2- 4 shelf, we got an extra 4 shelf for free with our purchase at the time, and 2 bins, the hanging rod and 2 big bins which we use for toys and shoes for the boys and we have been using them ever since. When Collin was born, I just halved what Mason had so both boys have a 6 shelf and a 4 shelf and a bin each. Now with Elyse I ordered her a 6 shelf and a few more bins since she has more small stuff.
How do I use these? 

For the Boys, they have 6 shelves and a 4 shelf organizer each. I organize it with a shelf or two for short sleeved shirts, a shelf for, a shelf for long pants, shorts and miscellaneous stuff. Plus I have a 2 bins for Mason, one for undies, one for socks and a bin of socks for Collin. They are siting on shelf in the closet easy to reach by Mason so he can pick his own clothing.

For Elyse I am hanging all dresses, and folding shirts. Onesies will be in a bin, jammies will be in a bin probably, Socks and bloomers are in a bin, and Headbands/bows are in a bin. Pants and shorts/skirts will be folded too. I have learned through the last 2 boys that the most commonly used items that get washed the most and go through the most, it is easier to just throw the clean stuff in a bin instead of folding it and all. Plus whenever my boys see a nice and folded pile of clothing, they think it is a tower and just barrel right into it then I have to fold it again. It just isn't worth it. Think smarter not harder! (I will update this with a picture of her closet after the baby shower on Saturday!)

We really do like these. We haven't had any problems with these falling or break, the shelves do sag, but clothing can be pretty heavy, and I really did squeeze a lot of clothing in those shelves. For us they have been great and it is a great way to use the un-useable space in the closet and adds more useful shelving without it being permeant. Have you thought about these as an option for your storage needs in your kid's closet?
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